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Welcome to the new home of the Muscleheaded Blog.

My name is Chris, and I’m a mature Southern powerlifter who likes to hear himself write.

I’m a veteran of the U.S. Navy, a graduate of Brown Institute, and currently compete in Masters Strongman.

Snarky humor, vintage pinups, and weirdos in the news are just a few of the things I like ……

And I’ve been known to sneak all kinds of things in this here blog.

You really never know what’s gonna be showing up next.

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My blog theme is called ‘Dusk to Dawn’, and it’s kinda appropriate, since I’m usually here in the late evening/early morning EST.

It’s also rather androcentric and iconoclastic— so, if you offend easily, can’t stand sexual references, or if you just hate men, please take a raincheck on the follow, with no hard feelings.

How you read my posts, whether you want to take them at face value, or whether you want to look harder, well, I leave that up to you.

Art, if that’s what it is, always means something different to the viewer than the creator… so, don’t let that worry you none.

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You Know Dwig

dDo you know Dwig ?

I like to show off the stuff I collect,
…… I guess that’s natural.

And when I have visitors, some of my vintage postcards attract more interest than others…

For instance, my ‘French’ postcards always get a lot of attention, and sometimes surprise as well.

I guess most people today just don’t figure that the previous generations were just as randy as we are …

But since we’re here,
they must have been.

And remember, with no TV, no video games, no internet –

—– folks just had to have something to do, ya know.

They also had quite a good sense of humor –
– perhaps much better than our own society’s,
………. with it’s rather touchy sensibilities.

Besides the risqué French ones,
another genre that is extremely popular with visitors is a line of cards all drawn by the same illustrator —

A guy named Clare Victor Dwiggins -a2

………………… or, as he signed most of his cards,

A Southern Ohio (Wilmington) native, born in 1873,

Dwig was a well known cartoonist of the era….

He worked as an illustrator and cartoonist for a number of publications and syndicates,

including the Philadelphia Inquirer, New York World, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

As a young man, he liked to refer to himself as “Professor of Free-hand Drawing”,

…despite having been originally trained as an architect.

He produced a number of popular cartoon panels, such as:
‘Ophelia and Her Slate’,
‘J. Filliken Wilberfloss’,
‘Them was the Happy Days’,
‘Zeke Carsie Says’,

and ‘Leap Year Lizzie’.

He drew several early pieces on the ‘Leap Year’ theme–

….. if you don’t know what I’m talking about,
you can check out my post on “A Ladies Privilege”,  here on WP.

listening-inHe also drew a comic strip that ran for over 20 years in many major newspapers across the United States —-

from 1912 to 1932 — called ” School Days “,

……..the strip was Dwig’s take on Mark Twain’s Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer school-boy protagonists, but drawn in a early 1900′s setting.

Listening In“, left, is an example–

and illustrates both his skill and his empathy for his characters – trademarks of his later work.

Another comic, called “Nipper” (1931-1937), is often seen in cartoon compilations from the period.

a1One of his early works, published by John C. Winston Company,

—- was the “Skull Toast Book“, from around 1904.

It was die-cut in the shape of a skull,

and contained about 85 pages of toasts for every occasion –

For instance:

Here’s to earth’s noblest thing, a woman perfected.”

toastor :

Here’s to love, the only fire against which there is no insurance.”

This little tome speaks volumes about the times in which it was printed,

…. as well as the popularity of die-cut books of that era in general.

Other pieces, printed around the same time,
included ‘Whimlets’,
published by Henry Coates and Company,

….which was a playfully illustrated series of quirky aphorisms …..

crankismsWhile another,


featured fractured philosophy about life, love, and the battle of the sexes–

………. from a distinctly turn-of-the-century point of view.

Copies of those works remain quite popular with collectors of printed media.

A penchant for art seems to have run in his family –

His cousin, also from Ohio, was William Addison Dwiggins, a type designer and commercial artist of some note.

Dwig himself is most remembered, however,
for his prolific and fascinating line of sentimental and humorous postcards.

11The unique layout and the Art Nouveau look of the cards,

and more especially, his inimitable drawing style,
make them easy enough to spot,

……. but they are also almost always signed “DWIG”.

There’s a fascinating assortment of these cards –

The majority of his work was published between 1900 and 1940, by several companies,

…… including M. Walter Dunne, Raphael Tuck and Sons, Charles Rose, Tuck, etc.

Dwig had a distinctive sense of humor, and loved puns especially.

Another appealing aspect of these cards was Dwig’s affinity for drawing pretty girls –
—- almost always modeled on his wife.

These colorful cards came in a variety of topics and for a myriad of uses –

One well known set is called “Fortune Teller“,


……. which featured the images of very stylish, lovely Edwardian-era ladies –
(again, modeled after his beautiful wife Beth)

holding up placards, or mirrors with romantic messages in reversed script like:

Love me and the world is mine“,
Won’t you be my sweetheart“,
My heart is yours“,
I think of nothing but you“.

2 1

The messages were intended to be unreadable until held up to the mirror.

I have seen current cards that still use these original Dwig designs –
— and they are definitely back in vogue.

The verve and innocent humor of his cards really seem to have rung a chord with modern audiences-

It’s always fun for me to watch someone’s face when they first encounter Dwig’s work,

….. and when I tell them the cards are at least 75 years old.

I hope you enjoy them as much I do.

Cheers !!!!



And now –
a link to the very funny and completely non random archive post of the day :

I Demand Answers“.

HOY !!!!

Better Living Through Bullsh*t


Advertisers are always trying to convince you that dealing with the daily hassles of life is just as easy as going out to your local store and acquiring their fine product –

….from that point on, man, the living’s easy.

Until it’s time to buy more.

Or figure out just where the hell you are.

For instance, it seems like a pretty simple solution to coping with depression —

…..if all you need to do is go out to your friendly, neighborhood liquor store, buy a few bottles of “TONIC” …..

……………. and then, just forget your troubles, buddy.

Yep –

Laissez bon temps rouler –
—-  let the good times roll .

I wonder why they hadn’t thought of that before.


Now, I don’t know about you,

……but I always love to visit other people’s homes —

— especially their bathrooms —

and then wax judgmental about the quality of their toilet paper.

It makes me feel somehow…,

Oh, I dunno……


Ah yes.

I might not have any brains,
fashion sense,
or sensuality to speak of,

…….. but, as long as I have my double ply,

I’m better than that terrible mother Ruth.



Some products really are at the leading edge of technology, though.

They push the bounds into territory where no man has gone before.

Of course, there might be a very good reason why the hell nobody wanted to go there in the first place —

There are only two possible explanations for why this insanely conceived product —

…….. brought to you by the same folks who make Reddi-Whip….

( and now long gone from the supermarket shelves, )

would not set your toaster, and thus your house, into a fire that would rival the burning of the Library at Alexandria.

One possible explanation is that it would contain no bacon fat.

Bacon without fat.

Isn’t that sort of like having sex while you’re under anesthesia.

I mean, where’s the joy in that ?

(Well, for you, anyway… )

The second explanation is the more likely one –


and was the reason it was pulled shortly after it was introduced—-

It DID start fires… all kinds of em.

And even if — if —-
through the use of:

some magic mantra to Agni ,

prayer to Vulcan ,

human sacrifice to Xiuhtecuhtl ,

or simply by playing the Crazy World of Arthur Brown over and over,

……. you were lucky enough to avoid the whole ordeal-by-fire thing …..

Everything you made in your toaster after that ended up smelling like acrid, burnt bacon.

You couldn’t get the grease out of the toaster.

I guess that company must have also sold appliances.


I don’t want you to think I’m gonna end this post on a negative, though.

That’s not me, at all, ya know.

One product I personally dig a lot is Jello…. it’s a favorite of mine.


Despite the fact that it’s everything that I am not –
……. delicate, delightful, and dainty.

There were, of course, a couple flavor ideas along the way that weren’t all that great, either…..

Like this–
Coffee Flavored Jello, from 1918.

What really cracks me up about this stuff is the package –

It says ” Pure Fruit Flavor “.

There’s obviously no fruit in coffee, man.

Unless you’re one of those guys that always argues technicalities about what is, and what is not, a fruit,

……. like a tomato, or a pumpkin.

In which case, there’s no hope for you… sorry.

‘Cause nobody fucking cares, OK ?

I said I wasn’t gonna end this post on a negative note, and I won’t.

a1For you fans of Espresso, there’s a quick and simple recipe for making Coffee Jello Shots that actually won’t make you throw up— the first couple, anyway.

All you need are 1 1/2 cups warm Milk, 2 cups warm Espresso, 1 cup Sugar, 6 bags of Knox Gelatin, and 8 tablespoons of cold water.

Oh, and don’t forget the 1/2 cup of Kahlua.

Once you get these made, you can call up all your friends and invite them over for an all-nighter.

And an all-dayer.

Cheers !!!!!!


PS….. Yes, tomato and pumpkin are both fruits.
So is a coffee berry, from which is taken the pit, or bean.
Just sayin’.




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