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happy weekend .

I’ve taken off to see some
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I’ll be back on Wednesday.

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Happy Weekend Y’all !!!! .

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The Müscleheaded Blog

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Welcome to the new home of the Müscleheaded Blog.

My name is Chris, and I’m a mature, married, Southern power-lifter who likes to hear himself write.

I’m a veteran of the U.S. Navy, a graduate of the Brown Institute, and until recently competed in Masters Strongman, although I still train hard and heavy.

Snarky humor, vintage pinups, and weirdos in the news are just a few of the things I like ……

And I’ve been known to sneak all kinds of things in this here blog.

You really never know what’s gonna be showing up next.

So, my advice would be to subscribe, and try to visit right-regular like.

My blog theme is called ‘Dusk to Dawn’, and it’s kinda appropriate, since I’m usually here in the late evening/early morning EST.

a1It’s also rather androcentric and iconoclastic—

so, if you offend easily, can’t stand sexual references, or if you just hate men,

please take a raincheck on the follow, with no hard feelings.

I don’t consider masculinity a ‘persona’ or a ‘put on’….

— it’s simply how men are, and should be.

If you don’t like the way I express that,
well, that’s tough.
See ya.

How you read my posts, whether you want to take them at face value, or whether you want to look harder, well, I leave that up to you.

Art, if that’s what it is, always means something different to the viewer than the creator… so, don’t let that worry you none.

A lot of the art featured on the Muscleheaded Blog is vintage —

I like to collect postcards and published ephemera from the early 1900’s in particular….

….. and you’ll see a lot of my collection here.

If you want to know more about the Muscleheaded Blog,
you can read my post:  ” Just What The Hell Is It All About Anyway?

You can also visit my online gym, which features articles about fitness, strength, and gym culture–
at http://muscleheadgym.wordpress.com .

I love motorcycles–
my most popular post, on British Motorcycles, is here.

I also like to write about travel…
like: ” The Beaches of St. John, USVI

Do you like vintage pin ups?
Well, we have an awful lot of posts on that subject to choose from,
but you can start here: ” The Pin Up Art of Gil Elvgren ” —

or– ” The Sensual Art of Raphael Kirchner ” .

( There’s an index on that post that will lead you to a lot of other posts about Pin Up Artists, too. )

You can read what I like to call my best general art blogs:
The Art of Maxfield Parrish
“The Poster Art of Leonetto Cappiello” .

You could read one of my humor blogs like:
“Weirdly Radioactive “,
Misogyny and You
“Advice for the Hopelessly Hopeless“.


I’m thinking one of those posts might let you know what you’re really letting yourself in for.

lossecannonA loose cannon?


Hey, like it or lump it …

I never said this blog was for everyone.

Submissions are always welcome-

I’m trying very hard to make this blog interactive,

… and I love to get mail !

Please send them to carolinamuscle@outlook.com .

I sincerely appreciate visitors, and enjoy reading comments to my posts.

So, jump on and hold tight…

The only thing I’ll promise ya is a wild ride.


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Troubles and Worry

I like to think
that my philosophy
of life is pretty

I mean,
I try not
to worry
about stuff
that I can’t do a
damn thing about.

I usually try to ignore
ignorant, crazy
or obnoxious people,
(as much as I can)
and not let
myself get all worked
up when someone
doesn’t see things
exactly my way.

It’s not about
being a Pollyanna ,
either —

It’s much more
about pragmatic-ism.

Cause nobody
gains anything
by arguing with a fool.

And their opinions are
a lot like their rectums —
you really don’t need
anything that comes
out of there, either.

But, I do like to listen
to my friends about
how they approach life —

Whether I can emulate
their approaches, well….

That’s a whole different
kettle of fish, man.

My old Navy buddy
whom I call
The Ole Philosopher,
for instance —

I asked him for a couple
words of wisdom,
and after accumulating
quite a tab at Crabby’s Grill,
he scribbled a couple piecesetchings
of advice about life
on a stained bar napkin.

Let’s see if I can interpret
his scratchy handwriting:

“Life is a personal war,
one that eventually,
we all are going to lose.

If you’re lucky,
you’ll get to dance
on the graves of
your enemies
before you go.

Don’t forget
who you are,

and whose side
you’re on.

Keep marching,
keep your powder dry,
and sleep when you can.

A bottle of cold
French Champagne,
a hot meal,
and a couple of hookers
always helps.

But, don’t make the mistake
of leaving your wallet or keys out.”

” P.S. : I’ll write
more when I’m thirsty again. “



Thanks, buddy.


…… while I’m sure
that his very short
and rather laconic note
is more in line with the
philosophy of
Charles Bukowski
than with Auguste Comte,

I can always count on the
Ole Philosopher to give it
to me straight.

Sure, ok–

It’s not the kinda thing
I’d want to use as a
quote for the day…..
But, it does seem to
be a perfect
to a couple of these
vintage postcards
and World War II
era ephemera thrown in
for good measure.

win, win, right ?

!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!