Ruby Starr

rubyI wonder how many people remember redheaded rock diva Ruby Starr these days?

She was known for her early association with hard rockers Black Oak Arkansas,

….then a couple of Capitol solo albums in the mid 70’s, including “Scene Stealer” and “Smokey Places”.

And, a couple more with her band “Grey Ghost”.

Now, I’ll admit I always had a hard-on for the chick,

—- maybe ’cause of my weakness for redheads,
(or women – now that you mention it ….)
 —- maybe also, cause when I met her backstage in 1977…

But mostly, ’cause man, that girl could wail. ——-

You talk about a woman projecting raw power and sexuality in her music.

She’d get on the stage and fucking TAKE OVER.  ab
(….. typical redhead! )

Ruby could rock any arena — no matter what size– she could shake the place to it’s foundations.

I remember, a couple years back, when I first found out that she had prematurely exited this vale of tears….

A friend of mine had gotten me thinking about redheads  —
(I’m not mentioning any names….)

And, Ruby being one of my all-time favorite redheads,

well, I started thinking about her ….

aso, I naturally headed for my stack of old LP’s.

Now, anyone who remembers Ruby will remember her high energy,

‘get it while you can’ kind of stage presence,

that put one in mind of a self-actualized version of Janis Joplin —

(absolutely no disrespect intended…
… I loved Janis, but she wasn’t exactly in love with herself.!)

And for some reason, the news of Ruby’s passing shook me in a very real way.
I had been perusing my LP collection, and had found my copies of Ruby’s albums.

Firing one up on the old turntable, I was suddenly seized with the desire to find out what she’s been up to..

so, I started looking around on the WWW.

What I expected to find was Ruby playing out of the way venues —

(sort of like the old and now defunct West Palm Beach Auditorium, where I first saw Ruby in 1975..)

and perhaps a couple of pictures of present day Ruby……..,

ruby3— maybe a little worse for the considerable wear and tear her life style woulda imposed upon her mind and body,

….but still rockin after all these years.

What I didn’t expect was her obituary.

Ruby Starr dead?

AT age 43??

Fifteen years ago???
She had always seemed so full of life.

For me, I’m afraid this sad story has a very trite, but also very sincere moral.

Whether you’re 14 or 43, 19 or 92, live your life like this is your last day on earth

cause it might very well be.

One minute you’re singing your heart out,
or fucking your brains out,
or talking, walking,
shopping, or chopping…
……………..  the next, it’s lights out, baby.

Nice knowin’ ya.

rubyredOutta touch with people you used to like?

How long you gonna wait before you find out where/how they are?

You might wait too long….
and then, they’re gone.
Or YOU are.

It’s like Janis used to sing:

“Get it while you can… don’t you turn your back on love, no, no, no … Get it while you can.”

(Man, that chick had HEART.. and so did Ruby.)

So- next time you think to yerself, I’ll live it up tomorrow – remember :

Have a ball and a biscuit NOW – ’cause tomorrow, we die.

(BUT, try not to wreck yer health doing it-
— today might last longer than you expect-
……… and you may still need it!)

Here’s to Ruby !!!





If you loved Ruby — leave me a comment !!



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12 thoughts on “Ruby Starr

  1. […] here’s the late great Ruby Starr with Grey Ghost — from “Scene Stealer ” […]

  2. Paloma says:

    Great post — I’m quite impressed with her!!! 🙂

  3. […] post about her is here, if you’re interested. […]

  4. […] couple of these artists I have already focused a post on elsewhere, like Ruby Starr, or Lydia Pense, so they might not get a further mention […]

  5. I’ve not heard of her.
    But she sounds like someone I would love.
    She is beautiful, too!
    Thanks for sharing her vids…I’ll take a listen!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…yes, life is too short, so have some fun today! And I’ll not only do that, I’ll have the biscuit with some honey! 🙂

  6. Great Post! I was not familiar with your Ruby until now. Thanks for this. You enjoyed her so much; isn’t it odd that you didn’t at least wake up in the night for “some” reason when she passed? Steven Tyler is my Ruby. Watching him make his music is like sex right up there on stage. Nothing better! I few months ago some gfs and I went to see REO Speedwagon at small venue. REO is no Aerosmith, but we laughed on the way how old we are, etc…really laughed to see how old the band is! But, you know what, we knew the words to almost all the songs and we danced in the aisles and we fed the band our applause and they ate it up like it was manna from the heavens. It was pure joy. Give take. Like sex. So good. Make some music any way you can!

    • Ret: it’s funny you said that.. I was genuinely surprised that she had passed without me knowing, and couldn’t figure out why I felt that way, but I guess once you feel a connection with an artist, it goes all the way. 🙂

  7. flyingtigercomics says:

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:
    Live a poem or die a fool.

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