Correspondence Cards

9aPeople are sometimes surprised
at the huge variety and different types of vintage postcards
that were printed between 1900 and 1970–

So much so,
that starting collectors often have to choose a specific genre of cards
in order to keep their collection from running away with them….

For just about anything that a person would want to say back then—
— quickly and efficiently,
there were postcards printed that would say it for them.

That’s what postcards were really all about —

— keeping in touch,
but not having to sit down and write a letter.

One very interesting variety of postcards are called ‘correspondence cards’,

…. and these are basically the ‘memo’ pads of the postal system.westernunion

Considering the possible choices that might be called for,

you might imagine that there were an amazing variety of themes manufactured,

…… and you’d be right.

There were over 100 companies engaged in printing them at one time in the United States alone.

Of these, Curt Teich was the largest,
but there were all kinds of companies,
large and small, publishing them.

peepI’ve even seen correspondence cards made to be used,
when sending a Western Union telegram.

And though technically not made to go through the mails,
the Western Union ones were just the tip of the iceberg,
as far as correspondence cards go.

A lot of servicemen would send correspondence cards during World War II,
…. to jot off a note to the folks at home,
or an important significant other ….

1942I particularly enjoy the available options that are listed on those —

Under the heading ” Hi There “,
….. the soldier could then check who he was sending it to:
Mom and Pop
Ya Big Palooka

Under the heading ” I Object To “:soldier
Detail Work ( cleaning, KP, etc. )
Our Top Kick ( a non-commissioned officer in charge of a unit)
Our Shave Tail ( an inexperienced commissioned officer )
Getting Up Early ( well, of course!)

Under the heading ” What I Need Is “:
Cabbage, Plenty ( Cash)
A Good Long Sleep ( usually at a premium )
Lots o’ Lovin’ ( not much of that to be had on a military base )
Relief ( that could mean almost any kind of relief, mind you )check
A Woman ( and why not, I ask you? )

It seems to me those choices are all pretty much related, but still….

The options would often be the most entertaining part of the card,

…. especially considering
they were in the special serviceman’s parlance of the era.

And the military actually encouraged their use,worker

since it was certainly more difficult to unintentionally convey classified information while using one–
which was certainly a concern.

For instance,
cues as to where and when a soldier might be sailing,
where he was stationed, etc, were kept to a minimum with these cards.

But not only were soldiers encouraged to use them,dog

……………….. but also workers in war related industries —
and even servicemen’s families.

And after the war, the popularity of the cards did not initially wane,

— because people had grown accustomed to their convenience and ease of use.

Only in the 1960’s,
did these cards finally fall out of general circulation.florida

Of course,
people don’t use the mail services to keep in touch like they used to.

During the WW II era,
and for years before and after,
long distance phone calls were expensive
and sometimes a phone was not readily available —

There were no text messages, 1a
no Facebook,
no cell phones.

So these cards did fit a very specific need —

….. and they speak to a time when things were simpler,
in terms of technology,
and in terms of necessity.

I love em —

They’re certainly always fun to find among a pile of old postcards.



PS: My friend Katie did a post back in May that featured very funny correspondence parodies —

I personally like the “Declaration of Romantic Intent “-  it’s perfect !!!!! 😀


Check the entire post out at :

HOY !!!!


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  1. These look like such fun!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Grandtrines says:

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  3. sunsetdragon says:

    These are cool and I had never seen correspondence cards before.

  4. Paloma says:

    These are great — especially the peeping card!

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