The Amazing Betty Brosmer

bThose rare, exceptional people
who are fans of the Muscleheaded Blog
are probably very accustomed
to seeing vintage pin ups of beautiful women on here —

And of course,
we’ve never been shy about posting classic pictures of:
Ava Gardner,
Myrna Loy,
Marilyn Monroe,
and Natalie Wood —
— women who I’ve always found particularly appealing.

Another lady who deserves some space in this blog-a-verse is Betty Brosmer.bett

I know that some folks are probably wondering just who she is —

But, in certain circles,
Betty Brosmer is as famous as any of the ladies I previously mentioned.

Betty was the ultimate late 1950’s beauty —
she won all sorts of titles (over 50!) like “Miss Television” before she was 20.

She went on to become America’s first “Super-Model”,brosmer
and the highest paid model of the era.

She’s remembered for several things, actually–

Her beautiful face and stunning figure appeared in almost all of the major national magazines in the 1950’s and 1960’s —

The Saturday Evening Post,
TV Guide,

Not to mention
album covers —

In the book
“Great Glamour Girls of the 20th Century,
author Steve Sullivan described Betty thus:

“…there will never be another glamour girl like Betty Brosmer.
Her classically sunny, all-American blonde beauty was a worthy counterpart to that of Marilyn Monroe.
Her magnificently contoured-beyond-perfection figure was without equal….. bettybr

Further, there was a glow, an incandescence about Betty that was not to be found in any other model.

And the total package was so utterly winning that Betty, without every revealing much more epidermis than one would be likely to see at the beach, was the definitive super-model of the 1950’s.”


That really does say it all about her modeling work —brosmer

And oh,
the lady was very sexy.

Betty was more than a pretty face and beautiful body.

Betty founded the first health and fitness magazine for women –
Shape Magazine.

She has been a leading authority on exercise and training for over 50 years.

And she’s still going strong
at age 79 —bettybrosmer

— of course,
still looks gorgeous.

Here she is,
with her late husband Joe Weider,
and the Governator.

I think anybody involved in muscle and fitness will remember
Betty as a strong, vivacious, and stunningly feminine lady —

Three cheers for the ‘girl with the impossible waist’ !!!!



16 thoughts on “The Amazing Betty Brosmer

  1. Paul Morgan says:

    This is what the bible meant when it said “and God created woman” :O

  2. […] If you’re interested in the beautiful Miss Brosmer, (and why wouldn’t you be) you can see my post on the subject here. […]

  3. And we can only admire her from afar….the form of the beautiful woman.

  4. What a beautiful amazing lady! Thank you for sharing her with us today! A lady and a life that deserves a wonderful tribute! I see Ah-nold was fortunate to know her! 🙂
    BTW: I know I’ve told you this before…but I find the photos of ladies of this time period so beautiful! Their bodies real…no plastic surgery…the photos real…no touch ups! I read an article that said they are even airbrushing photos of babies these days…so the babies will look trim and slim! 😮 Wow!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  5. Paloma says:

    Yowza ….!!!!
    Impossible waist indeed. (!!!)

  6. SwittersB says:

    I always saw her with Weider in the early muscle mags but never knew who she was….very interesting

  7. these women, curvy and magnificent!

  8. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

  9. GOODSTUFF says:

    You’ve Heard About Her !

    You’ve Asked About Her!


    In Her Most Daring
    And Revealing Poses


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