Ümlauts and Löve Lëtters

a1I know many of you
are looking forward
with bated breath to V-D.

Valentines Day is February 14, this year.

it’s February 14th every year —

which makes St. Valentines Day
that much easier to remember, anyway.meyou

Because it’s exactly two weeks
before St. Hilary Day.

You don’t know who St. Hilary was?

How are you supposed
to remember the date for V.D. , then?

Oh well.

Take it
from your old buddy Müscleheaded…

You’ll get V.D. every 14th of February.bacon

And also please note
that we’ve very pretentiously
added the umlauted form of ” ü ”
to “Müscleheaded”–

— for no other practical reason
other than it looks kinda fancy,

….. and maybe even a little cool
in some demented way.

assasinsI’m also hoping it will piss
(other) pretentious people off enough

so they’ll send me a letter
telling me that I’m not using it right,

— so I can respond
by telling ’em just how pretentious they are.

and it also reminds one ever so slightlycheckone
of the umlauted ” ö ”
in honor of the late lamented Lemmy and Motörhead.

I thought it was a slight possibility
that one or two of you
Müscleheaded fans out there
might need help
with the requisite romantic correspondence
for the holiday.

You know….
— writing her a love letter —

that, in turn, will result
in her maybe doing that thingwetnap

she does for you on special occasions
that would otherwise cost you

several thousand bucks
to have done to you in Las Vegas.

……. ain’t you römantic .





Artist credit to : http://uncalar.tumblr.com/



14 thoughts on “Ümlauts and Löve Lëtters

  1. ktz2 says:

    silly me, I hadn’t yet seen this when I mentioned your new umlaut in email but I give myself points for noticing it the same day

  2. Paloma says:

    Ooh la la … that umlaut is fancy-shmancy! 😀
    Gotta love that “check one, b*tch” note … hm … wonder what she’ll choose? 😉
    Fun post!

  3. I love love letters! 🙂
    And HA! I love the love letters you posted here! 🙂 Especially the “check one, bitch” one! 😛 I snorted! 😀
    Love the last pin up! Wonder if she got that heart from a Love Spanking?! I’ve sported those! They are quite fashionable in my world!
    ❤ I can't wait for VD! I love it! ❤
    BTW: I love your umlauted form of ü!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. Rita says:

    I love it!!!!!

  5. […] to the new home of the Müscleheaded […]

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