No Kind Act Goes Unpunished

I dunno justaaa
what the hell
I was thinking.

I was at the gym
(my usual place to be
at 10:30 am on a
weekday morning )chowhound
and I had this big
dumb guy that I
know (slightly)
ask me about foods
he can eat that don’t
have all that
many calories…..

I tried to give him
a short list
off the top
of my head,
but then,
‘awww, what the hell’ — 

— and gave him
the address4
for my training blog

(which of course,
links up to this one ) ….

And you know what
Judge Judy
always said:

” No Kind Act Ever
Goes Unpunished ” 

( I bet you don’t
even know
what the hell1111
I’m talking about…. )

But the upshot
was that this guy
had all kinds of
‘constructive criticism’
about your favorite
blog ( and mine ) —11
this one.

He particularly didn’t like
the ‘sarcastic tone’,
and the
‘gratuitous nudity’.

( like there’s such
a thing as ‘gratuitous’
when it comes tochickenoregg
cheesecake and pin-ups )

The technique he used
with me was very similar
to what we former
practitioners of Sales
Management used
to call the ‘happy sandwich’ —

Piling a bunch
of major negative crap
between two minor pieces
of half-hearted ‘positives’.getsome

And normally —

— I would have gotten
pretty pissed off,

— told him to mind
his own fucking business —

— and then ask hima
just what in the name of
Diedrich Knickerbocker
would he know
about writing a humor blog
that I’ve been doing longer
than he’s ever had
a regular girl friend.


— he also wanted
to know if our
‘Science Editor’
Suzie Wonder
was single,

— and if he could
get her number,Sam_and_Ralph_choke

which I most heartily
and readily gave him.

Suzie will fix him.

And how.

Git him, Suzie !!!!!

!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


23 thoughts on “No Kind Act Goes Unpunished

  1. The big dumb guy sounds like a grumpy frumpy rump! :-/ Grrr! Not someone I’d like to hang with!
    You, on the other hand, SweetC, are fun to hang with! You have one of THE best blogs ever! Keep up the beauty, the fun, the nudity, the humor, the sarcasm, the wisdom, the interesting stuff, etc.! Love and appreciate it all! And love and appreciate you! 🙂
    I had women on Xanga who didn’t appreciate my sense of humor, my adoration of men, or my sexual blog posts. And they would scold me, complain to me, criticize my blog, etc. Oh well. I figure they were snippy and grumpy because they hadn’t been banged in way too l-o-n-g! 😉
    Ha! the egg came first! 😀 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • 🙂 🙂 Awww.. thanks, C !!! 🙂 🙂
      Yeah, although that was a great crowd over there for the most part, there were folks that thought they were the end all, be-all of sophisticated – when it really was all sophistry. I don’t miss them people, and I know you don’t either. 🙂

  2. mislucja says:

    Heh heh … git ‘im Suzie!!

    Gratuitous nudity? Bring it on!!!
    Sarcastic tone? Hmph!!

    Keep up the good work and don’t change a thing!!!!!

    Youza bestest!

    Ps … would Suzie like to handle another small job for me? As in, verbally coating somebody with yellow jackets and maple syrup???

  3. tieme8 says:

    If he doesn’t like, he doesn’t have to visit!
    I like to visit!

  4. ktz2 says:

    Years ago I had a neighbor who was going through hard times, (largely her own doing, but still..) and didn’t have money for groceries. So as a surprize I went grocery shopping for her to the tune of $50, a gift of selfless kindness.
    The next day she said”Next time get this, this, and that.’ like she placing her order! There WAS no next time!

  5. Ret MP says:

    Good to have a go-to-gitter. Sick ’em Suzie. It’s a bit difficult to share your blog with some people, yes? I get that. The words, the goofy takes, the crazy that comes out of us in writing is not us, but it IS US. Sometimes hard when we hand it off and they don’t treat it with the TLC we expect.

  6. jillianmrks says:

    I enjoy the themes of your blog and your images. I do not find anything offensive here. And your tone is tongue in cheek in my interpretation. That dude is some wet blanket…takes all kinds.

  7. julespaige says:

    Oh, how many of us have been there – goin’ good and been gotten twisted and turned by that good deed. Makes one appreciate humor all the more I suppose. Because humor is the only thing that’ll save us! 😉

  8. GP Cox says:

    …and here, all this time, I thought that first photo was your baby picture!!
    [that ‘no good deed’ line is so true. Makes it hard sometimes to keep trying to be nice]

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