Vintage 8 Pagers

Adult Content

You can always tell
when I’m feeling
particularly randy…..

I start talking about
how my blog ain’t lewd
or crude enough.

Not that it’s
supposed to be
a dirty blog,

But it is often a projection
of just how I’m feeling.


I really have been itching
to do a post
about Tijuana Bibles.drip

What that means about
my current mental state
is anybody’s guess.

For those of you
who have never heard
of a Tijuana Bible,sadie
or an ” Eight Pager ” ,
— well, you’re in
for a treat today.

Of sorts, anyway.

The best way I can
describe them is this:

Back in the 1920’sboop
and 1930’s,

popular comic strip
characters were everywhere.

I mean,


Even in dirty books.

Sure, pornography
was much harder
to find back then–

You couldn’t just turn
on your computerclarabow
and type:
Hedonistic Housewives Gone Wild ” .

You had to
know somebody.

Or at least,
where to start
looking for it.good

But, in the bigger cities,
you could go to the
‘right’ newsstand,
or cigar store,
(probably the same one
where you scored that
6 ounce bottle of bootleg gin) —
— and get little booklets
(usually 8 pages front to back)
of debauchery and sin–
featuring your favorite
comic strip characters.

Like this one:

that’s the same rat
who owns half of Orlando, alright.

I always knew
Minnie had a hot side to her.

ya say?


You don’t know
the half of it, man.

Just cause I ain’t
showing you the hard-core
pages on here,
doesn’t mean
it didn’t go there.wordlfa

it went there,
man, it went there.

I had no idea the
little rodent had
such a big one.


Anything went in
these things,
and I do mean anything.

Some of them would
STILL make your eyes burn.

And that’s not just
because of the lowdlyve
quality art, either.

They were printed underground-
— and they weren’t legal
ANYWHERE in the U.S.
until World War II.

The reason they were called
“Tijuana Bibles”hello
is because that’s where the
distribution point
for these things
was supposed to be.

it was New York City.

But don’t tell anybody.

wimpyThere were several favorites
as far as who
were featured in them–

Blondie was a popular one.

So was Popeye.

probably the fisrt
most famous
one of all featured
Popeye’s buddy ,

Ya know,

The “I’ll gladly pay you
Tuesday for a a1
handjob today” guy.

Or was that ‘hamburger’?

… well, you get the idea.

Other comic personalities included:
Betty Boop,
Lil Abner,
Snow White,
Orphan Annie,
Flash Gordon,
Alley Oop,
The Phantom,

Remember Bazooka Joe —
the little comic you useddithers
to get on the wrapper
of your penny bubble gum?

Well, the artist
who drew them
got his start
drawing Tijuana Bibles.


it wasn’t just cartoon
characters who got to
‘star’ in these
little gems of

Movie Stars were also
hot fodder for them.

I’ve seen Tijuana Bibles ‘starring’
Thelma Todd,maewest
Mae West,
Charlie McCarthy,
(yes– a puppet)
Cary Grant,
Joan Crawford,
Bette Davis,
Jimmy Cagney,
Faye Wray,
Laurel and Hardy,
Jean Harlow,
and Kate Smith.

And famous
and/or notorious
of all kinds —myna

Like Lou Gehrig,
Baby Face Nelson,
Joe Lewis,
Bonnie and Clyde,
Joe Di Maggio,
John Dillinger,
………… even Hitler.

mickeytijuanaEven everyday occupations
could be featured:

The Fuller Brush Man
(who sold brushes door to door)
Grocery Clerks,
Office Workers,
Police Officers,
Milk Men,
Rubber Salesmen,rubber
just about anybody.

And there’s more exotic
but generalized subject matter,

“The Lonely Widow”,
“She Ate A Worlds Fair Hot Dog”
“The Obliging Lady”
“The French Maid” et

There is simply no way
I can adequately explain
the range of Tijuana Bibles
that were published
between 1910 and 1945.

I can tell you
that there are wcfields
several still
being published !


sex always makes
for some fun
and interesting
reading, right ???gomad

(Yes, of course,
it qualifies as reading.)

For more information,
check out this neat
little video about them .

HOY !!!!!


13 thoughts on “Vintage 8 Pagers

  1. PoetSpeak says:

    Thanks for liking my blog. Keep posting!

  2. PoetSpeak says:

    What the hell – art is art! No reason it can’t be fun! Liked Olive Oyl!

  3. YES, it does!!!
    HA! Love these!!! 😀
    The Olive Oyl one has be snort-laughing! 😀
    Mae West and Popeye! The perfect pair! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. mislucja says:

    Omigoodness, that Betty Boop series must have been spicy! So, give me a spoiler …. did Betty do one of those ornery pictures? o.O


  5. Rita says:

    Tee hee! This brings back memories… I found a bunch of these little cartoon booklets hidden (not well enough I might add) when I was about ten. I was shocked into puberty – lol – as they were quite explicit. And funny.

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