Watching Your P’s and Ker’s

pumpsWandering aimlessly
though the digital wasteland
a couple of days ago…..

I was amazed at just
how much vacuum
of which the internet
is actually composed.

You can almost hear
a sucking sound when
you open your browser.

(Kidding –
but just barely)

There does seem
to be much,
much ado
about mostly nothing.

Not that there ain’tcar-exhaust-vacuum
some things to see,
of course,

— like all of my friends’ blogs
right here on WP…..

or, if you know
right where you’re going.

I just mean how limited
really good, hair
accurate information is.

Sometimes it’s actually shocking
what’s NOT available.

On this particular occasion,
one of my friends
had gotten my brain
all stewed up with ideas……

But as I looked for stuff
to accentuate the flavor
(as it were),devle
I couldn’t find
the right ingredients.

So I ended up ambling
toward one of my favorite sites–
the Urban Dictionary.

I must admit
I’d be lost without it.

I was born in the late 1950’s…
so the slang constantly used
in the media these days
leaves me totally kerfruzzled.

Oh, kerfluzzled is one of the words
I’m now learning to use,
thanks to my friend Jen
(who started this whole
mess by using it)
and, of course,
the Urban Dictionary.as2

I was kerichunked when she
originally made her comment,
and had to look it up on the UD.

ya know, surprised.

Not to be confused
with kerjunked
which refers to a
hard and fast
sexual experience.


Jeez, man–
I think you might be more
outta the loop than I am.
(he said….
…. while kermitting wildly)appl

And of course,
as a rather rude reader
pointed out over
the weekend —

(in a roundabout way,
since he was obviously
a blogging nescient,
and could obviously
use some of these
pictured products)

That I should recognize that usingfacesuck
these strange vocabulary words
to illustrate vapid, jejeune
concepts is casuistical of me,

but somehow, it seems
like one kerplinkerdinker
of a talent to me, personally.

Oh sure, I know sneaking
in the casuistical one
was a little off the ‘ker’ topic,

—- but I left it in therehoover
as a kinda kernubbin, if you will.

Kernfuzed, yet?
Yeah, me too.

why not use this
handy-dandy glossary
that I have so
thoughtfully provided.

— Hmmmm???tubes


Handy Dandy GLOSSARY

A Nescient – An Ignoramus

Kerfuzzled – Confused

Kerichunked – Surprised

Kerjunked– Hard and fast orgasm

Kermitting – Waving your arms like a muppet

Kernubbin – The last morsel of something great

Kerplinkerdinker — An awesome ability
that can’t easily be pronounced

Casuistical – Sophistic

Kernfuzed — I just made that up.


!!!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Watching Your P’s and Ker’s

  1. I use the Urban Dictionary often!
    Love the ker’s and the ads and your featured words! Ha! I snorted! 😛 😀
    Oh…I like watching my “T’s and A’s”, too! 😀
    HUGS!!! 😀

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