Sunday Morning Music

and welcome back
to another
Sunday Morning
Music Mix !!!!

I think we’ve got
a lot of really
terrific music
for you this week–

maybe more out
of the deep end
of the musical pool
for some of you than usual,
(including a new chort from Sting)

but I hope it will move you,loureed
like it moves me !!!

’nuff talkin’ —-

Spin it, man !!!!!!


Jaco Pastorius BB–
” Domingo “


(with Ishtar) —eras
“Last Kiss ”


Chicago —
” Hard Habit To Break “


Sarah Mclachlan–
” Dirty Little Secret ”


The Beginning of The End —
” Funky Nassau “lurch


Sting —
” I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” 


Touch and Go —
” Straight To Number One ”


Curtis Mayfield —
” Move On Up ” 


Kings of Leon —

” Waste A Moment ” 


Ramsey Lewis
with Earth, Wind and Fire —
” Sun Goddess ”


George Baker Selection —
” Reservoir Dogs” 


Pacific Sound —
” Erotic Blues ”


John Legend —
” All Of Me “


(with Michelle Branch)–
” The Game Of Love ” 


Gwen Stefani —
” 4 In The Morning ” 


Rolling Stones —
” Almost Hear You Sigh ” 


Blue Cheer —
” Good Times Are So Hard To Find” 


Chicago —
“Happy Cause I’m Going Home”


!!!!!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music

  1. Love most of those songs, the cartoons are hilarious!

  2. Heard a cool interview with Sting on the radio recently!

    Been listening to a lot of Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell over the weekend. Miss them. 😦

    Been thinking of Kings of Leon and love that you included them here!

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. Mrs Fever says:

    I like the new Sting release. Likewise, “Waste A Moment” by Kings of Leon. (I saw them when they were still new, just gaining in popularity. They opened for Bob Dylan – of all people – and seeing him perform, how tight his band was, was such a contrast to the amateur arrogance of Leon. I remember thinking, “Wow, those boys have a looong way to go.” That was about 8 years ago I think. They’re getting there.)

    I listen to xm radio (can’t STAND commercials!), and there’s a great channel called The Spectrum, that introduces new music while also playing the full spectrum of rock. That’s where I first heard “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” and “Waste A Moment.” Another couple tunes I’ve picked up from that channel that you might like:

    Rag ‘n Bone Man: Human

    The Record Company: Rita Mae Young

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