That’s Your Body Speaking

maeI love to observe people,
and what they unconsciously
communicate with their bodies.

Sometimes it makes
me wonder —
— do they realize what
they’re saying ?

If you expect a person
that you really don’t know
to be honest with you,

you should really look atbody
their body language
to tell you the truth.

It is a well known fact that men and women
use a wide variety of gestures
while paying attention to another.

Most gestures are used
subconsciously and unknowingly…………….

And of course,
the issue that’s most important to us men is :

What are body language signals?chest

How can men use their body language
to understand and attract more women?

Well, social scientists who study Kinesics
say that attractive women
only take a few seconds
to determine whether or not
a man is worth a moment of their time.

They are usually looking for a
sexually attractive, attentive and confident man…

….. and these unconscious decisions
rely on feelings that are based on the manseyes
body language and tone of his voice.

Most men look at what words
and pick up lines they say to a women,
when in actuality,
how you say the words–
the tone and body language used,
are much more important factors.


Studies indicate four clear indicators
that should be used by men
when interested in attracting a particular woman:


Hold eye contact with her longer than she does.

If a women looks at you-
hold her eye contact until she looks away.

If you look away first,
you are making a huge mistake.

Show in the first contact
that you have no fear of holding her eyes.

Oh, and be sure to control
your impulse to look… other places.



Use a very confident posture
in your body language.

Learn to feel totally self confident
and your body language will take on this quality.

Push out your chest a little and stand tall.

Take up more room with your body language posture.

Be extra careful not to send the
wrong message with your posture.



Move slowly and purposefully.

Learn to use more slow movements
and wide gestures.

Control your space.

Use cool slow movements
and do not make nervous gestures.

Feel totally comfortable in your skin
and project power.

Imagine this if it is not true.donknotts



Use a deeper slower body language voice tone.

Learn to speak deeper
from the diaphragm and speak slower.

Try this and you will find women
say your voice is sexy and it turns them on.

Pause more for effect as this
make you sound more content and confident.



let’s say you’ve mastered these four …

…………. how do you tell her
you’re interested,
or spot her interest in you?

There are some body language
indicators that both sexes
use to show interest……….

many are easy to read–

others, not so much–a
unless you’re looking
for them.

So pay attention…

somebody’s probably
is trying to tell you something.


Raised eyebrows.
When we see a person
that we consider attractive,
we begin raising and lowering our eyebrows.

If the person also feels drawn to you,
his eyebrows will also start eyebrows
going up and down.

This gesture lasts only 1/5 of a second
but it takes place all the time,
with people of both sexes and all ages.

This “eye making” can be easily left unnoticed,
but if you do notice it,
you will certainly be given 100% of the person’s attention.



Slightly opened lips.
If a person likes you, his or her lips
automatically open the moment your eyes meet.

The motion here is often very subtle,
but is automatic, and thus, pretty reliable.

The parting of the lips will be fleeting,
usually gone within a split second,

so again, you must be looking for it, or you’ll miss it,

and it is an important indicator of his/her interest.



Standing at attention.

If a man is standing straight,lassie
with his shoulders squared
and with his belt tightened,

….this is subconsciously interpreted
by the female as a preening movement:

He’s thought to be trying to show himself
in all his masculine beauty.

If he is leaning forward to hear
what the woman is saying, it is even more effective.

It all boils down to the attention you could be paying her.

If a woman is slouching
as she is speaking with a man,
she is showing that she is not interested
in him as a potential mate.



Adjusting the clothes.
Ladies, if a man is adjusting his tie,
he really hopes that you will notice it.

He may also sleek his hair,
pull down his jacket,
see if his lapels are in the right place.

When a man is playing with the buttons
of his jacket he’s probably nervous.

Using this gesture he’s also trying
to demonstrate his wish to get undressed for you.

The next stage is when he takes his jacket off
and places his arms on his hips.

If he has used all these gestures,
it means he’s already imaginingdontcare
your shoes under his bed.

Guys, a woman preening her appearance,
straightening her dress,
adjusting her outfit, etc,
is a strong indicator of interest—

….and if she takes off her shoes in your presence,
you have made her feel comfortable enough
with you that she’s mentally
already decided you’re suitable.

Suitable for what, well,
that’s the question now.



Playing with the hair. crazy
In order to show her sympathy
towards a man, a woman makes a
movement with her head
to get her hair off her face.

She may also move it aside with her hand.

She tries to send the same signal
by licking her lips.

By the way, men also like sprucing up
while talking to a woman.

At the same time a woman will never miss
a chance to count the number of times
a man sleeks or bristles up his hairaaa
during the conversation.



A man is openly trying to show
that he’s examining the woman’s body….

….by casting some looks
at its most beautiful parts.

Despite the fact, of course,
that he already automatically
scanned your figure the first second he saw you.

All he wants to do now is to let you know
that he considers you as a good choice
for a sexual partner.



Crossing the legs.
If the toes of a person’s shoes
are pointed at you,
he or she is certainly interested in you.

If you point your knee towards the person
you’re interested in, you’ll demonstrate
that you’re ready for a closer relationship.

One of the most captivating poses is
when a woman is sitting with her legs
crossed under herself and her knees
are exposed to the person she’s talking to.

It means she’s wants a man to take more decisive steps.



Playing around with cylindrical objects.

A man, as well as a woman, when excited,
will definitely find a glass or even a fork
to stroke it or to touch it with his fingers.

Cylindrical objects remind men
of the woman’s breasts, and the
women of the man’s genitals.

A woman’s wrist has always been
considered one of the erogenous zones.

When a woman is interested in a man
she’ll try to keep her palms
and her wrists in the man’s sight.



Touching the face. 1
If a person is interested in you,
he’ll keep touching his chin,
his ears and his cheeks.
It means that he or she is
subconsciously fixing the lines.

This is a combination of
nervous and autoerotic actions.

When we’re interested in somebody,
our lips and the lower part of the face
become very sensitive to stimulation.

If you’re smoking,
you’ll begin inhaling more often.a1a

If you’re drinking something,
you’ll begin taking more sips.

You enjoy touching your lips,
and what is more, you let the
other person know
that a kiss is not far off.



Now, if all this
technical mumbo-jumbo
doesn’t end up working for you—

You can always
go back to basics, ya know.



!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!


11 thoughts on “That’s Your Body Speaking

  1. vinnieh says:

    Damn, body language can be sexy sometimes.

  2. Brief eye contact, very important.

  3. Love this post!
    I’m huge on smiling, winking, touching, hugging, hand-holding, butt-patting, PDA’s, etc. I love positive body language!
    Now the song “Physical” by ONJ is playing in my head!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. mislucja says:

    Hmmmm… I always play with my drink glass… better watch out from now on!

    ALL my nervous habits must confuse the hell out of folks, lol

    Interesting and fun 🙂

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