Samplin’, Sippin’, and Suppin’

prohibition-miss-youThe posts that
I’m coming up
with for this week’s
Muscleheaded Blog
seem to be all
dedicated to booze,
for some reason….

it feels like canada
I could use a drink,
now that I think about it.

Imagine a society
where you couldn’t
just go out and get one.
Depressing, right?

Well, now you know 1920prohibition
how our forefathers felt–
during the period in
American history known
as ‘Prohibition’.

Back in the 1920’s,
there was something
that went into effect here
called the Volstead Act–afull
which made the sale and
distribution of alcoholic beverages illegal.

But, it obviously didn’t
mean anything to Canada —
and they started getting
a lot of American thirsty folk
coming across the border
for the express purpose of consuming,
and of course,
bringing back some
of the brewed or distilled contraband.

And I have to admit,
as far as prohibition postcards
are concerned,
my collection is bursting drink
at the seams.

It was a very popular subject —
mostly for lampooning.

Who really needs the
government to tell you
what you can and
cannot ingest, anyway?can

Lucky we don’t have
anything like that,
anymore, right?

Ugh– yeah.

Sure, there’s people
who can’t handle drink.a1

Just like there’s people
who can’t eat shellfish.

Is it necessary to tell me
I can’t have my traditional
Thanksgiving shrimp cocktail
because of it?

Cause I’m havin’ it, man.abeer

Last year I ate so
much shrimp cocktail,
I popped a trouser button.

That whole ‘loosening of the belt’ thing
can only take you so far, ya know.

Once everybody’s snoozing-
— just take ’em off —agree
that’s my advice.

It’s nothing Aunt Sarah
ain’t seen a couple o’ times before.

I wouldn’t be surprised
if she used to pay to
see it all the time,
but that’s anotheraleave
story altogether.

Sorry, Aunt Sarah…
just kidding.

And I did make sure
to wear clean skivvies, so.

And now that Thanksgiving
is fast approaching —acamel

I figured I’d make a few more
observations about the holiday
that don’t really have any
relevance at all to the booze topic
that I so grandiosely started
upon just a few paragraphs ago.

Like how amazing it is
that a 25 pound turkeyprohibition
can just evaporate in such a short time.

I barely ever have any leftovers at all, man.

Oh sure,
there’s still plenty
of green bean casserole left —
(that’s the stuff
Aunt Sarah always brings…)

But the good stuff is always
gone, gone. gone —
and FAST.

That’s what happens when
you’re related to wolves, I guess.

Now, I know it might
seem like, as far as the
Roaring 20’s was concerned,
it was all about booze….

But that’s not true.
There was also —
well, other stuff.

This last postcard even has a caption –

“Waiting For The Mechanic”.

in the
1920’s, or in 2016–
it’s always nice to know
there are women out there
who appreciate guys
who are good with their hands.




5 thoughts on “Samplin’, Sippin’, and Suppin’

  1. mislucja says:

    Here’s to mechanics and machinists 😉

    Too bad we still have to slip into Canada for other things …..

    May I have the green bean casserole, please? 😀

  2. Great artwork, photos, and messages on those postcards!
    Especially love the last one! 🙂
    Ha! And the poor doggie in 7th card! 😀
    HUGS!!! 😛

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