Happy Almost Thanksgiving

1890The Thanksgiving holiday
in the United States is only 5 days away.

It’s easy enough to tell
because of the Christmas music
that’s been super-abundant
everywhere since Halloween,

……. and all the cheesy
“Black Friday Sale” ads
concerned with helping you
with your ‘holiday gift giving’.

Nuts, man.

But before I get started,
you might have noticed
my friend Feve’s blog has been AWOL from the WP reader —
nobody seems to know why,
but if you’re a fan
( and who isn’t ? )
go directly to her site at mrsfever.com .


I have some very cool early
postcards relating to the holiday,

— and my annual workingman’s
rant to go with it.

Appropriately enough,
I guess,

I’ve included a couple of interesting
advertising pieces in the group,

… like the “Buster Brown” card on the right.

You know,
I have often heard ,1880

whether they’re celebrities in the media,
or just average people on the street,

— folks express the idea that
Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday.

And if that indeed is the case,

people ought to be
willing to stand up for it,

and the principle it represents.

What’s bugging me
(even more than usual)
this year is how
more and more retail stores
are proudly exclaiming:


1910I mean,
I work in public safety,
so I expect to have to
work on such Holidays —

— and many of my readers
work in medical, fire, or transportation–
jobs that fill a social necessity.

Those of us in that kind of career understand that.

But there is no social necessity for a store like:

Big Lots,
Old Navy, 1909
or Macy’s to be open —

— the consideration
here is simple GREED.

Their employees
deserve a paid day off –

–that’s what a holiday
is supposed to represent —

and especially one like Thankgiving,

where we all are supposed to share with others, chase
and express our thankfulness for our blessings.

It’s insulting to every
working person in America,

and I think we should stand
up for the principle
by avoiding such places on Thursday.

Before and after I go to work,
I certainly will.

strangeAnd for those of you
who have the day off,

just stay home,
enjoy your family–

— and be thankful YOU can.

Carpe Diem, man.

You got a whole month
to do your shopping
before Christmas,
for crying out loud.

wwdenslowThese next two cards
are part of a series of six,
created by famed illustrator
William Wallace Denslow —

…. you’ve probably seen his work on vintage 1900’s era “The Wizard Of Oz” children’s books.

The caption ( silver embossed )
on the card at right reads:

Thanksgiving Turkey, Chestnut Fed, With Dressing A La Mode“.

I like his cards,humor

they’re original,


and are great period pieces–
— dating as they do
from around 1910.

The second Denslow piece says:
He’s too tough for Thanksgiving Dinner“.

dwigOf course,
no post about Holiday cards would be complete
without a romantic humor entry by Dwig —

As with many of Dwig’s cards, it has several potential uses….

…. it could have been sent on a person’s birthday in November, or as a Valentine, as well as on Thanksgiving.

I couldn’t find a good example of the original card ,

…. but I did manage to find
a sample on a dedicated Dwig site.

It reads:

Oh, did November bring you dear?
And will you promise to be mine?
Then I’ll eat turkey all day, and
Be thankful for my Valentine !!!

I love stuff like that, ya know?

HOY, Pilgrim !!



16 thoughts on “Happy Almost Thanksgiving

  1. I love Thanksgiving! It is my fav holiday! Valentine’s Day is my second fav holiday! Yay! 🙂

    For us, Thanksgiving is a day of home, family, food, laughter, and maybe a fav movie on TV that night! I wish everyone had the day off…but, I know many have to work.

    I hope the hours around your work day are a happy, fun Thanksgiving celebrating time, C!

    Great cards in this post! I love that the dog in this post got the Turkey and is not feet up on the floor! 😉 😀

    HUGS!!! Happy Almost-Thanksgiving!!! 🙂

  2. Mrs Fever says:

    Thanks for the mention, Chris. I wish I knew why my posts aren’t showing up on the Reader.

    Thanksgiving is Pajama Day at my house. We put on clean jammies after our morning showers and spend the day lazing about in them. We watch movies, play board games, cook, eat, read, nap, do schmexy stuff, eat some more, etc. It’s very relaxing. 🙂

  3. OMG – I know just the old Wizard of Oz series you’re talking about – wonderful illustrations!

  4. julespaige says:

    Due to having to travel for the job…our first Thanksgiving where we are now was bland. It’s no fun to eat in a restaurant with strangers. Well unless you’ve got your whole family and have gone out so no one has to do the clean up.

    Now we’ve got two dinners. One on the day and one on the following Sunday. Not so much as we all can’t fit around the table. The family has expanded (yes that happens around the waist too)… so that not everyone is able (with jobs) and extended family to be all together.

    As for the ads…I am not a big holiday spender and I tend to shop all year round so I can avoid the Mall from Turkey day until the New Year.
    We tend to go big on just getting together and not on boxed goods.
    The grands still tend to get too much…but with two sets of Grandparents, two holidays, and umpteen Aunts and Uncles…

    I remember reading where one ‘grown’ family gives out cards that say where they’ve donated what they would have spent on a gift. Since everyone more or less has everything they need. Oh sure I want a brand new car… but I don’t know anyone, especially my hubby who is going to get it for me! And really do you want a new bed or how about appliances for the holidays. Give me a break.

    To all who have to work on Thanksgiving – Thank you. May you still be able to celebrate the love of your family when you can get together.

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