Kiss Testing

Now, here’s an kisstester
katchey piece
of klassic kitsch —

— a kit about kissing.

And it’s from my friend Katie .

What’s in a kiss, indeed?

Well, let’s see.testkiss

To use it,
you were supposed
to use one of these
provided kiss-test tissues
to ‘take a sample’,
as it were…..

It was for ladies,
only, I presume.

Although anyonekisstype1
who happened
to be wearing lipstick
would qualify, I guess.

Then, you compared the image
with the kissing-lips shapes
in the attached guide,
and, VOILA
your personality profile in a sentence.

For instance,
you could be a
Permanent Pucker” –kisser
“always prepared and full of hopes”.

Or the “Overhanging Type” –
“a handy place to keep assorted pins”.

Ok, getting a bit weird now.

But, onward we slog :

Silent Type
“always keeps a stiff upper lip”
Rope Lips
” thin, long, go across the cheeks every time”
Liver Lips
” this girl usually has a lot of gall ”
Hamburger Lips
” this girl usually looks like a meatball”
Perfect Imprint
” movie stars and Miss America
have them, so stop dreaming”
Ole Cucumber
” they’re watery and not much taste”
” turn them sideways and they’re perfect goobers”
” don’t expect cooperation from this girl”
Coke Lips
” with built in channels for coke straws”

anda1 finally,

Perpetual Motion
” can’t shut up long enough to leave a lip print”

I’m a guy who’s never met a bad kiss—

So, this ‘guide’ just leads me
to believe that
some guys are
just never satisfied, man.

!!!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!!!




2 thoughts on “Kiss Testing

  1. This made me laugh! 😀
    Great 💋 💋 💋 info!
    I think even a not-the-best-first-kiss has the potential to become the best.
    Ya’ just gotta’ keep kissin’…practice, practice, practice! 😉 Oh, yeah…and some tongue! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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