Yes, It’s Our Annual Turkey Day Extravaganza

Marilyn-Monroe-PilgrimYes, my friends —
it’s Thanksgiving Day once again.

I must admit
that I am very thankful
that my blog has
readers such as you.

Let’s face it–

There’s no point in writing
one of these longwinded
things day after day,

….. if nobody but my family’s
new puppy Daisy is going to read it.

And her reading skills
ain’t up to snuff quite yet. doggie

Besides, I think she’s had
enough of my nonsense already….

She just tolerates me
because I know where
the Baco-Bits are hidden.

‘Dogs don’t know they ain’t bacon’,
and all that.

I think she’s pretty excited
about the upcoming turkey thing, too.

But I digress.

I’ve always considered
Muscleheaded Blog readers
as part of the saunafamily, ya know.

And it would certainly be nice if
our richer newly-adopted family members
would start sending me ten-thousand dollar bills–

… as just a token of appreciation
for all the cool and groovy stuff
they find on here, such as …….

Well… ummm….

I don’t know….

Uhhhhhh …1915judge

…. there’s gotta be something
around here somewhere
worth a measly ten-thousand bucks.

it’s only money, right?


… dammit ,
just forget it, then.

Be that way……. jeez.

Mom always did like you best.

and pass the pumpkin pie, please.


Today, on the Muscleheaded Blog,

— we have some images
from MH Thanksgiving Day Posts past —

sexypilgrimA couple from even before
this here blog had such a cool name.

‘Cause this mess, in one form or another,
has been online since December 01, 2003…

So —

Happy Damned Birthday
to the MH Blog.

Everybody don your festive
birthday suits and let’s party !

I was thinking….

Sending a birthday card would be a
convenient way to enclose
those ten-thousand bills
we were talking about, earlier.

Just sayin’.


You might have noticed the
lead off picture on this post
featured a very young Marilyn Monroe —

The series was shot in 1950,

during the time that Marilyn Monroe
was working with famous pin-up artist
and photographer Earl Moran .

Of course,
I don’t hunt,
but if I did…

I’d want everybody in the hunting party
to look just like her.

And How !!

Is that a blunderbuss?


Last year,
I had featured a beautiful pin-up
by a mystery artist …a

I wasn’t positive who had done it,

but I knew it was in the
Rolf Armstrong/’Brown and Bigelow’ style —

It turned out to be Paul Merlin Enabnit !


How should I know what kinda name Enabnit is… ??


Thanks to one of our sharp-eyed readers for the ID !


Here’s a great promotional pic from the 1940’s…

… featuring actress Barbara Bates.

We originally featured this one
on the old ‘Roscoe’s Farm’ site a couple years ago.

Barbara was a well known actress in the 40’s and 50’s,

and, she played Phoebe in the
1950 classic film ” All About Eve “,

…. which also starring Bette Davis.

I don’t know how convincing
she is as a pilgrim in lace and ribbon,

…. but that turkey is certainly paying attention to her.

And so would this turkey.

Who says turkeys are dumb?brundage

How about this one for
an interesting and fun image —

— created around the turn of the century
by the great card illustrator Frances Brundage,

(one of my favorite vintage Christmas card illustrators)

I love that last century vibe ,
especially around Thanksgiving.

I had been tearing up my hard drives looking
for this next very memorable image–


Most of the content of my
old CarolinaMuscle site went down
with the ship on the S.S. Xanga,

—- but I finally remembered
a backup on an old flash drive,
and there it was.

The caption,
which for some reason
is missing on my backed up image,
reads: “Turning the Tables“,
and the card dates from around 1902.

It just goes to show you that our ancestors
had pretty much the same weird sense
of humor that some of us do today.

Hey Y’all —

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




16 thoughts on “Yes, It’s Our Annual Turkey Day Extravaganza

  1. mislucja says:

    Congrats on Daisy! 😀
    And I’m thankful you’re still blogging … keep up the awesome work, fella!

  2. Gotta’ love turned-out turkeys turnin’ the tables! (say that 3 times fast! 😀 )
    Did Daisy get a turkey leg?!
    HUGS!!! 😛

  3. GP Cox says:

    Thanks for being one of those troops that made this Thanksgiving possible!

  4. Mrs Fever says:

    I have a “turning the tables” image on my own blog up today. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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