Damn Leftovers


If you happen to
be anywhere
near Charlotte,
North Carolina
today, I’d challenge you
to stop in and check out
my fridge……

Better wear your steel-toe
boots and rubber gloves–belly

Because heaven
only knows
what’s going to
come at you
when you open that
refrigerator door.

Leftovers, most probably.

As I may have
alluded to earlier,wish
not GOOD leftovers,
mind you —

— the turkey,
and the stuffing,
and the cranberry sauce
(I do love me
some cranberry sauce)
have all gone yum
the way of all flesh.

what’s likely to land
on your toe would be
something much
less desirable,
that for some reason,
someone felt the need
to bring for dinner,
with the full knowledge
and understanding
that nobody gret
was going to eat it.

Next week,
Next month.

Sometime in the new year,good
it will become
just another
innocent victim
of the
refrigerator cleaning.

loadedContainer and all.

Because —
well, nobody’s brave enough
to open it and figure out
what it used to be.

Or what life-form has evolved
from it during it’s time there.

Not me, anyway, buddy.

I’ll buy my Aunt Sarah
a new piece of Tupperware
when she finally demands
it back sometime in July.

I know that green bean casseroles
are single-handedly responsible
for keeping the 22 workers
at the French Fried Onions plant
in gainful employment this time of year….

And far be it from me
to insult the hundreds
of people who really
do love butternut squash,
— even though I have no idea
how they function on a
daily basis with no taste
buds as they obviously do…..

But man, it’s just taking
up valuable cooler space
that would be better filled
with things like pie.


A nice piece of pie would b……..



!!! HOY !!!



















turks vegt we


9 thoughts on “Damn Leftovers

  1. mislucja says:

    Love the turkey in the hat …. and the “toast” card is very elegant despite the rhyme 😉

  2. I love the leftovers…especially the turkey!
    It becomes turkey stew, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey enchiladas, turkey salad…Ha! That’s my reference to Bubba (from Forest Gump) and his take on all the dishes you can make with shrimp! 😀 😛
    Love the cartoons, ads, cards, and photos you shared! 🙂
    BTW: I love all squashes…even butternut!!!

  3. Mrs Fever says:

    I have leftovers today, but no turkey. (I might have married one, but I don’t eat ’em.)

    Back when I did eat turkey, though: a friend used leftover Thanksgiving turkey to make a curry for a party, and it was quite good. Served with basil and basmati rice? Bye-bye leftovers!

  4. She needs that hatchet to keep us away from those beautiful legs!

    And those aren’t turkey legs! Ummmm turkey legs, I’m Checking the frig, maybe there’s one left ! 😛

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