Pin Ups Are Where You Find Them

pinuponeThere’s one thing about
vintage pin up images —

Once you start
looking for them,
— you can find them
just about everywhere.

Of course, their beauty
and inherent vivacity
contribute to this fact…sticker

As does the versatility
and creativity the
publishers and artists
that created them showed
in the distribution of them.

At the height
of the pin-up era
in the 1940’s and 1950’s,
you could literally find
pin ups on just
about anything
— including:heavenly

calendars, radios,
note pads, day-timers,
album covers, candy boxes,
playing cards, bombers,
clocks, cameos,
motorcycles, guitars,
spoons, cups,wwii
key-tags, name-tags,
jackets, hats,
pillows, cushions,
comforters, stationary,
telephone number indexes,
bumper stickers, postcards,
make-up cases, cigarette cases,
watches, jewelry, mugs,scamp
lighters, matches, flasks,
cocktail napkins, stirrers,
cocktail glasses, bottles,
clothing, tattoos, pens,
ashtrays, table lamps….

Hey man,
you name it.

And, if by
some odd
random chancebubbles
you came across
something that didn’t
have a pin-up on it,
you could put one
on it easy enough……

Products for the
‘pin-up-yourselfer’ —

(heh heh —

I think I just
a new term,decal

— a bit late,
I guess,
but still…. )

— included
iron-on patches,
flash art sheets,
and decals —

Of course,
the ones I likeda1
the best as a kid
were the ‘magic’
decals for cocktail glasses.

once applied,
they worked on a
thermal principle…..

The colder the drink thatacold
was poured into the glass,
the less clothes the pin up
seemed to be wearing.

Yep- that’s what I’d
call magic all right.

What’s the
down side to that, I wonder?

Aside from the facta1920s
that as soon as you
washed the glass,
the decal started to erode away.

Damn, I hate when
that happens.

Oh, well-
get more decals.

Another type gave you
a kinda cheat option —a23a

the decal had two printed sides –
one with a fully dressed
lady for the front….

the other (presumably
facing inside the glass)
with her wearing a little less
than almost nothing.

It was a good way
to get your teen-aged sonapeek
to volunteer to wash
the dishes, boy.

There were others –
called ‘keyhole glasses’ –

(and I might note that
these really weren’t
for the pin-up-yerselfer,
’cause getting that decal
inside the glass woulda
been a big pain in the ass…)ashow
but, I mention them
simply because I like em….)

that had a key-hole design
on the front–
and on the inside
the glass,
was a hidden hottie.

You had to drain the glass
in order to see her.


Probably explains why
that generation dranka23
so many ‘highballs’.

I guess I kinda got
myself sidetracked a bit….

But since a lot of you
aren’t reading the
text anyway,

— but just looking
at the pictures —

noriders( exactly what
I’d be doing,
by the way )

I’m sure nobody is gonna
cry ‘foul’ on my little
off-topic excursion.

Yes, a mind is
a terrible thing to waste.

But, what can I say….

I’m a sucker for art.

!!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




2 thoughts on “Pin Ups Are Where You Find Them

  1. J.D. Riso says:

    I remember those glasses. I bet they’d be outlawed today.

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