louiswainOne of my old buddies
from the service called
me over the
holiday weekend,
and we had fun catching up.

It’s kinda humorous in a way —
–our lives seem
to have developed
as if in a parallel universe…..

He has two kids,
a boy and a girl —

and of course, bestwish
I have a son
and my daughter,
(as much as they’d probably
like to deny it…)

He just got a new pet.

We just got a new puppy-
Daisy Doggy.

He just got another cat.

proposeI always had him
figured for a dog guy.

And I told him that…..

He replied that
the breed of cat
that he has
is more like a doggie
than your average canine…..

It’s called a Maine Coon Cat.

Not being a cat person myself  —

( I have always preferred dogs —
even to many people,
but that’s somethingalong
else entirely…. )

I laughed
and told him
‘good luck with that’.

Then, I turned
on my TV 1903
and on one of
my favorite shows, “Chopped”,
there it was again —
— the Maine Coon Cat. 

it wasn’t
a secret ingredient, either.

Apparently —
Bobby Flay owns three,
and Ted Allen’s got two.

And they basically
said the same thing–
a cat that acts more like a dog.

So, what’s the story
on this up and coming
cat breed, anyhoo?

Far be it from me
to turn up my nose
to any kind of pussy,
and pardon me
if I get confused easily,

— but why not just have
a dog that acts like a dog?

!!!! HOY !!!! 



6 thoughts on “Katz

  1. julespaige says:

    I’ve had both. When we ‘lost’ the last one – well that was it. But I have relatives and friends with fur family so I can visit them. Good luck with your Daisy Doggie. 🙂

    Ya know taking care of a pet can sometimes be more expensive than taking care of your own children! 😉

  2. I loves doggies AND kitties! Wieners AND Pussies! 😛 These cards are so purrfect and pawsome! 😀
    Main Coon cats are so pretty!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. Mrs Fever says:

    I like dogs and cats, both. Hubs and I, our first pet together was a cat. We got him as a tiny 3-month-old kitten, and he turned into an 18-pound linebacker of a cat. He wasn’t fat, not at all. Just BIG. The first time we took him to the vet, they were like, I was all, “Hi. This is our mutt cat.” And they were all, “He’s definitely part Maine Coon.”

    He was great. And when we later got a dog, they bonded in such a sweet way.

    Was he ‘like a dog’? Well, people have screwy ideas about what behaviors are ‘typical’ in animals, so that’s hard to answer. But he was sociable, and loved to be around his people. He used to wait for me at the door when he heard my car pull in the driveway, and he would greet me when I came in the house.

    And he slept draped over the mister’s head like a fuzzy hat.

    Unfortunately, we lost him to cancer before he made it to age 2. But he was a great cat. And ever since then, I’ve never met a Maine Coon I didn’t like. 🙂

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