Sunday Morning Music

Hi and
a Helluva Ho There.

I might be laying
on a sunny Caribbean
beach right now, hopefully…

In which case,
another of them there
blue drinks with
an umbrella in it, please.

Or I might be just animal
dreaming about it.

Either way,
I hope you’re
having a groovy Sunday.

Time again for that
marginally manic
musical miscellany
that around these parts
we call Sunday Morning Music.

I hope you like it.


Al Jarreau —
“After All ( LIVE) ”


Rose Royce —
Wishing On A Star beatn


Michael Franks —
Your Secret’s Safe With Me


Jefferson Starship —
Winds of Change


Lee Fields and the Expressions —
You’re The Kind Of Girl


Electric Light Orchestra —
I Just Can’t Get It Outta My Head


Love Unlimited —
Love’s Theme (Vocal Version )bobbed


Walter Becker —
Surf Or Die


Tom Petty —
Big Weekend


John Legend —
” All Of Me ”


Mighty Mighty Bosstones —de
Sunday Afternoons on Wisdom Ave


Chicago —
Back To You


Alecia Chakour —
Every Time I See You  ”


Our weekly request set is from Dusty :

Led Zeppelin —
“Whole Lotta Love ( LIVE)


Robin Trower —billrandall
” Bridge of Sighs (LIVE) “


Our album of the week is —

ZZ Top —

Our bonus track is —
Michael Franks —
” Every Time She Whispers


And here’s one just for me.


🙂 Happy Sunday and all that, Y’all.





7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music

  1. mislucja says:

    Great post!
    And I love the Claudia photo 🙂

  2. Love Spain! Beautiful!
    Tuneful-HUGS!!! 🙂

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