Maybe It Was Me

I know
I’m perfect and all.

That doesn’t mean that
I don’t make mistakes, man.

Ok, so’sben
not that often
that I’d want
to admit
to anything,
or some
such crazy talk.


Still, you have
to wonder
how other people
a little less perfect
handle things like
apologies when itbody
comes down to a
requiring one…..

… like when
one is,

you know…

…. wrong.boogier

Perish the thought.




Most of the time, nuts
(I’m told, anyway)
that folks find
apologies are easiest
and most effective
when they’re made
in writing.

Oh sure,
it’s prima facie evidence….

But you’re already l
pretty sure they know
you were the one
who did it, or you
wouldn’t be writing
the damn thing
in the first place………..

learn the proper technique–

and you’ll probably have
some success in convincing
those you have offended
that you really didn’t
mean to do what you did —

despite the fact that
you did it with fullpizza
and aforethought,
without any
coercion or collusion,
and possessed
of sane mind and body.

Never mind the whole
‘you meant to do it’ stuff…

Just suck it up,
and erase that
whole ” P.S. ” mf
paragraph explaining
why you were
justified in doing it
while you still can.

Hey, it’s for your
own good, buddy.

!!! HOY !!!!




8 thoughts on “Maybe It Was Me

  1. mislucja says:

    Eating rice krispie treats during an apology bj? What could possibly go wrong? Lol!

  2. Good advice!
    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Love the sorry notes! 😀
    I’m gonna’ use the “I just can’t control my body” one!!! 😛
    Seems like someone named “Chris”gets picked on a lot! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. ktz2 says:

    I love the random handwitten notes that show up on the web. . so funny. Here I especially like the scissors one. . ‘sorry I hurt you, I was aiming at Chris’. . hahahah

  4. jillianmrks says:

    Yes, apologies are best kept short, simple and (hopefully) heartfelt!

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