Nobody Goes There Anymore

frencheastapricIt’s just a suggestion,
but this post reads better
if you click on the video at bottom,
for a soundtrack kinda experience.

Time passes,
almost imperceptibly…

One day,
you wake up,
and something
that you assumed
would always
be there is gone,
totally and irretrievably gone.

And all you can
do is say :
Duhh…. atl
Whaaaa Happened ?”

Such as has often occurred
with popular vacation spots —

One generation’s
Open To The Publicostende-kursaal-1-tst-a
‘Garden Spot’

the next generation’s

No Trespassing
Ecological Nightmare’.

It’s fucked up, yes.

But stuff happens,
peoples’ tastes change,
places burn down,
populations age, odessa
politics makes enemies
out of former friendlies.

It’s the nature of time,
and the nature of humanity.

Nothing’s permanent.

Dams go up,
Ancient treasures
get inundated.

Today’s fun
is tomorrows no-no.

Folks of my baddad
grandfather’s generation
would have dreamed
of a expedition trip
to see some of
the ruins of
Ancient Mesopotamia.

Now, you’d need
a flak jacket,
and a good deal of luck
to even get there,
and then-
well, it’s mostly all
been blown up, anyway.

All that suckin’ dustkashnir1
for nothing, man.

Well, anyway —
for those who haven’t caught
on yet to today’s theme,
it’s another installment of
Long-Gone Vacation Spots’
– International Version.

Actually, it’s
pretty amazing
how many of these
places there are —

ranging from the:

up through the:

through to the:

Avoiding politics
as much
as possible here,varaderoo
it was when I got
to thinking about the
whole Cuba embargo thing-

how American Airlines
just started flying back there,

and now, I’m wondering
how long it will last
before things go…

well, you know….

All I’m sayin’,monserrat
is that if you wanna go
and see the place,
you’d better go now.

There’s just no telling
how long you’ll
be able to do it.

I’ve still got that damned
Pan Am stock if
anybody wants it.

!!!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




4 thoughts on “Nobody Goes There Anymore

  1. So true!
    Wow! Those travel posters are filled with vibrant colors and amazing (inviting) images!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. julespaige says:

    I’m not sure if I’ll get out of the country again – but I did get to go to Italy a few years back. While hubby worked I explored this little tourist town.
    We did get to visit Pompeii – now that was something to walk in those rutted streets. And see the (remains of the) grog shops on the corners – early fast food if you will. We didn’t get to see it, but there was a famous ‘red light’ district. and there was the tile work door mat that basically translated into ‘Beware of Dog’. We saw the outside of the famed Colosseum too, but didn’t go in. (At home at another time) The virtual tour from National Geo programming gave us enough info of the inside. …yup things change.

    • Jules: That’s quite a historical curiosity, alright. At different times, different areas are open and some get closed, which seems a shame because you never really get to see it all, unless you visit a number of times… but you get a sense of the age of the place, as well as that ‘certain things never seem to change’ feeling….. 😀

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