Sunday Morning Music

Welcome to another
Sunday Morning
Music Post !

Let’s not mince words here —
Vintage Blues, R&B and Jazz
is what’s on tap here today.

we’ll mix it up, sure.

It’s the totality of the
vibe we’re after,
— ya know.

So, let’s spin em.cramps


Royalettes —
” It’s Gonna Take A Miracle ” 


Hey, check out the basswork
of the great Jaco Pastorius
on this next cut.

Joni Mitchell —


Jackie Wilson —
Whispers Getting Louder fet


Taj Mahal —


Joe Walsh —
Life Of Illusion


Pogues —
Dirty Ole Town


Yvonne Elliman–
” Hello Stranger ” 


Little Anthony and the Imperials —
” Going Out Of My Head ” mex


Jerry Butler —
Only The Strong Survive


Tavares —
” It Only Takes A Minute “


Sarah Vaughan —
” Obsession ” 


Steely Dan —
King Of The World


Earth, Wind and Fire —
” Reasons ” olviia


Linda Jones —
” Hypnotized ” 


Dianne Reeves —
” Come In “


Brenda and the Tabulations —
” It Was Right On The Tip Of My Tongue “


Emilie-Claire Barlow–record
” So Many Stars ” 


Jamiroquai —

” You Give Me Something


Diane Shuur —
” Look Around “


And our bonus playlist:

Sade Mix ( long listen ) 




10 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music

  1. mislucja says:

    Awesome post! I too like the vinyl fetish ….and was telling Bruce about The Cramps yesterday 🙂

  2. dievca says:

    Some excellent choices and I love the “Vinyl Fetish” graphic! XO

  3. Perfect music for a cold winter night!
    I especially love all the gals you featured!
    Okay…and the guys are good, too!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I’ve been overdosing on holiday music! HA! 😀

  4. Rita says:

    Ms Yvonne wins for me this cold morning with Hello Stranger. Lots of memories flashing by. Thanks, C for putting these together for us. A wonderful trip every Sunday morning 😊

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