Sunday Morning Music: A Stan Freberg Christmas

xm4Happy Christmas Y’ALL !!!

My friend GP Cox
wanted to send
me some holiday cheer,

and after considering
all the things he knows
that I like —

he came up with the perfect gift.

— and here she is.

Redheaded, even.
Nicely done, GP.

Sunday Morning Music time.

Stan Freberg was a genius ,stan
and there’s not much
that I can say to
expound upon it,
if you’ve never heard
it for yourself.

His Christmas songs
are hilarious,
even if they’re very rarely heard.

We’re definitely gonna
rectify that this morning.

I hope you will listen carefully,
and catch every one
of the zingers that are
contained in these pieces.

So, you hep cats —
how about a little :

Stan Freberg — ” The Night Before Christmas ” ,

like, ya know, Freberg style, see…….

Get the picture.santa9


One of his best known records was a take-off on Dragnet……
It gotta lotta play on the radio in the early 1960’s.

And, so,
of course,
Stan had to do a Christmas version of it.

Stan Freberg — ” Christmas Dragnet

Did you know that
most people call em green onions,
but they’re really scallions.

But I still ain’t made up my mind about Toledo.


From 1955 —
Here’s Stan Freberg’s hilarious take on a kid waiting for Santa,
with rather low expectations.

Voices by Stan Freberg and Daws Butler.

Stan Freberg —
I’m Getting Nuttin For Christmas

I wasn’t born yet,
or I’d think he stole this one from my childhood.

Hoo boy.


I apologize in advance for the
sound quality on the Abominable Snowman piece–

It’s really…. well, abominable.

It was taken from an old tape of his old radio show,
and wasn’t restored all that well, either —
but I couldn’t find another copy.

So, we’re stuck with this one:

Stan Freberg — ” Abominable Snowman


Stan’s work always had an edge,
especially on his CBS radio show.

Sarcasm was Stan’s middle name.
(His parents thought it was ‘Victor’)

Here’s an example from the show,
with a full production number.

Stan Freberg —
” Green Christmas ” 


Alright, now,
you’ve experienced
Stan Freberg at his best.

Now, I have a non-Freberg piece,
that’s got nothing at all to do with Christmas,
but it really did play on TV in 1971.

And it’s too weird not to include it here.

Introduced by Myron Floren —
and sung by Gail Farrell and Dick Dale ,

Lawrence Welk —
One Toke Over The Line

I’m sorry —
but somebody didn’t understand
the lyrics when they chose this song.

Somehow, though,
I think Myron had it all the way.

HOY !!!!

Hey– Happy Christmas.



PS: Thanks to my buddy GP for the holiday GIF’s !




15 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music: A Stan Freberg Christmas

  1. This be cooler than cool! Great tunes!
    Merry Christmas-HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. dievca says:

    Stan is a master at his craft! I will be sharing this with M. XO

  3. Brett says:

    Great fun! Especially the Lawrence Welk singers with that song!

  4. Rita says:

    Happy Christmas, Chris. To you and yours 🎄🎁❤

  5. GP Cox says:

    ALL my pleasure, Chris. ENJOY!!

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