Vannetta Chapman says:

chapman“The knowing is easy.
It’s the doing
that gives us trouble.”


7 thoughts on “Vannetta Chapman says:

  1. dievca says:

    I always say that I know better, but that doesn’t mean I do better…

    • 😀 I totally get that. 😀

      • dievca says:

        Working on a set of pulled mucles in my hip, hip flexor, glute and back….I knew that I was walking weird from a stress fracture (bike accident/sympathetic injuries), but I let my IT band/glute/quad get too tight. Sigh. I know better.

        • !!!!!!Ouch!!!!! Use my insane pre-competition soreness treatment… Hot tub 20 minutes followed by ice pack 3 times a day! 🙂

          • dievca says:

            You know — I need to ice, but honest to goodness, initially I was in so much pain (back went out) that I couldn’t figure out where to ice. The whole torso/left side? Things have mellowed out, so now I know where to stretch and where to ice. Kicking myself….
            Have been hitting the steam room and hot tube until they cleaned both during the Holidays.

  2. julespaige says:

    Especially when more often then not we are chewing our toes because we’ve stuffed our foot in our mouths…

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