Scorched Pyrex and Brunswick Stew

popcornrobotWhen you do a main write
6 days a week,
like we do
here at the
Muscleheaded Blog,

– some days there’s
just no other way
of answering the
posting exigency   —

One just paddles outmyrna
into that raging stream
of consciousness,
grabbing some cool stuff,

related or unrelated,
to take with you and
hoping all the while
that the damn thing
comes together cohesively,elbows40

… sorta like
Mom’s Brunswick stew,

and hopefully not like
Mom’s world-famous
mixed-leftovers casserole.

Sorry, Mom.
and all Irish cooks everywhere.

it’s not like3
I grew up hungry.

One look at me,
and you can tell
I never missed a meal.

Flavor deprived, maybe –
– but not hungry.

Where Bobby Flay was
when Mom was learning to cook,
who knows the answer to that one.

She had a few dishesballyhoo2
she could knock out of the park,
and the rest were…
— at best, filler.

Now, you might just be
thinking that I’m using
my Mother’s cooking
as a scapegoat for my
utter lack of creativity
in coming up with a
topic for today’s post….

— and while I patently deny
such an allegation,
it’s true that I am kinda
scraping the proverbialdance
bottom of the scorched Pyrex….

Oh well, she stopped reading
my blog after I made those
snarky remarks about my
Aunt Mary’s sexy stockings
a couple months back,

although I’m still sure that
the belatedness of my
Christmas present frompool
her is completely unrelated,
and simply a matter of
postal service technicalities
of some sort or other…

— and will hopefully
be rectified without
the force majeure requiring
retraction and/or apology.

Damn it,higuyz
I gave her my list in July,
so I’m not really sure
why she couldn’t have
sent it a little farther ahead.

Maybe I shouldn’t have
said ‘no home-cooked items’,
I dunno.

!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!




2 thoughts on “Scorched Pyrex and Brunswick Stew

  1. Great stew of a blogpost! 🙂
    I like home cooked/baked gifts! 🙂
    I bet your Mom is fun fun FUN! 🙂
    Our moms and aunts and grandmas and etc. learned to cook from their mom or grandma or an aunt…not from The Food Network! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 😉

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