What Goes Around

nertsMost of us,
who were born
before the year 1990,
think of the phrase:
“Turn of the Century”,
as pertaining to the
early part of the 20th Century–

But, there will come a day,
(pretty soon, I would think),slumming
when people think of US,
that’s you and me,
as being part of a
turn of our own — the 21st !

Scary thought, really,
considering how antiquated
1our 1900’s predecessors
seem to us.

How the two would stack
up next to each other,
I wonder…..

I think slang might be a
window into what
it might look like.

So, today–
maiziewe’ll compare a hundred year’s
differences in:
Jive Talk.

Ya know
…………. Slang.

We’ll look at some interesting
gibberish from 1920, and 2017 .

(You already knew
I was lousy at math, anyway. )

For instance :

If a 1920’s flapper said to you,

“I got Zozzled last night,
it was the Bee’s Knees”

yessirI was Splifficated,
and I Rode the Trolley

If you wanted,
you could just
says you were :
‘On Edge’
‘Half Under’.

Today’s knowledgeable slanger might reply:
“I’m so Stoked,
I got ‘Def-con 1’ last night”

“I was Super Soaker,
and Puked my guts out.”

I dunno which set of slang
I like less, in this case.

Let’s try another one.

a3Something that might be:
‘Hotsy-totsy’ to a flapper

would be

Boner‘  to a 2017 person
( of somewhat less eloquence) .


a2As I was saying:

There were many expressions
in the 1920’s
meant that something was ‘Groovy‘.

( Ok–
so, I’m still stuck in the 1970’s —
— sue me. )

a1So, a flapper had a wide variety
of colorful expressions
to use to express the
joy and enthusiasm in life…..

(usually involving animals,
for some reason….. )


3Just Ducky ! ”
and :
The Cat’s Meow

There’s also the:
Pig’s wings,
Turtle’s neck,
Caterpillar’s kimono,beaugus
Elephant’s adenoids,
Duck’s nuts …. “

In 2017,
you’re simply ‘Excitapated’,

—- or in real high times,
‘Really, Really, Super Excitapated’.

flappergastedLoses something in
the translation, I think.

at least now,
you have a few new/old expressions
to sneak into your vocabulary.

not to be a gimlet,
or a square,
— you should remember to
be careful how and when you use them.

Cause you never know
how these expressions
might get misinterpreted, ya know.

you might just meet the ‘angry dragon of death’.

you’re gonna have to look that one up yourself.






4 thoughts on “What Goes Around

  1. kerbey says:

    Caterpillar’s kimono? That’s A LOT of sleeves. Or is it just one big sleeve that hangs down over the other legs?

  2. This post is the cat’s meow!
    Love the flapper comics! And the B&W pic! Love how they dressed!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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