Enigma Week: Open Up

apipeIt’s interesting
just how much
that we rely on crutches
to express the things
that we think we really
need to say to someone.

I frequently will use
music, images,
postcards, poetry……..backwards

Okay, so maybe the word
‘crutches’ is the wrong expression
for the drift I’m getting at ….

But sometimes I wonder
why we can’t just
‘come out with it already’.

It seems like the moreapple
passionately and heartfelt
that I feel it…..

….. the harder it is to
put it into simple words.

it’s not like I’m
at a big loss
for words any other time….coded

I could easily qualify for
“Mouth of the South” honors,
if I so chose….

— and if such a thing
actually existed —
( and for all that
I know, it does…. )

The problem withsemaphore
using crutches
is that the certain someone
you’re directing them to
may never really pin down
just what the hell
you really are trying to say.

Of course, it’s easy to
understand the need
for clear-cut
communication —

Too many words are
as bad as none at all….
the message just gets
encoded and watered down.

And totally a different thing
to actually verbalize the words.

Mumbling them don’t cut it.lemon

Stuttering through them
doesn’t work.

And screaming them —

–well, it simply gives
the wrong impression.

No, come to think of it,
maybe it gives an all-toolowell
accurate impression of
your whole mental state
when you’re boxed in
by the requisite language.

Come on,
he thinks to himself,
you’re a big boy —

Relax your sphincter outcault
and just say it. 


Think a nice box of candy’ll do it ? 


!!!!! HOY !!!!!!

Lindsey Webster — ” Open Up ” 


14 thoughts on “Enigma Week: Open Up

  1. All of these are fun and creative!
    I’ve enjoyed the backwards/read it in a mirror messages since I was a little girl!
    Lindsey’s voice is perfect for this cold rainy winter night!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. J.D. Riso says:

    You, the “Mouth of the South”? No!

  3. kirizar says:

    Oh wait…is it the letter ‘L’?

  4. kirizar says:

    What’s the answer to that peculiar card which starts: “Luke had it before…”? I cannot figure it out.

  5. Mrs Fever says:

    “The Mouth of the South” you say?

    What an *interesting* notion…

    No wonder thecladies love you! 😀

  6. “Too many words are
    as bad as none at all….”
    So true! In a pinch chocolate will do it for some. Or her favourite slurpee. Or coffee.
    Lovely music, thank you for sharing that

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