Enigma Week: Your Uncle’s Rebus


I was just minding
my own business –
(sure, I know,
— a nice change )
having a beer or two
at the bar in the
bustling sprawl
of the D.F.W. Airport,
waiting for a flight
that was gonna be
much, much longer
without a couple
refreshing brewski’s
under my belt…..why

I always drink beer
from the place I’m in,
so I had ordered an
ice cold bottle of Lone Star —

and, as the very pretty girl
behind the bar opened it
and placed it in front of me,151
I noticed some mysterious
inscriptions printed
on the inside of the cap.

— Intrigued —
( basically, because
I was so bored )
I looked closely at it,
and it revealed a
message in code.

I love secret-ey thingsreb12
like codes, man.

I set out to decode the thing –
which took at least 20 seconds
of prime brain cell activity –

— and it turned out to be
a silly catch-phrase.

Some intrigue remained,
however- and I hadlo
a couple of questions about it,
(cause I was still pretty bored)
and asked the barmaid
what light she could
shed on the matter.

She informed me that
Lone-Star Beer had been
placing these things —
— called rebuses —
on their beers since the 1980’s,
and that only a low-down polecat
that wasn’t from Texaspants
wouldn’t know that.

( Ok,
so I made up that last part
about polecats, even though
they do kinda talk like that
down there, but …… )

The Rebus has been a
popular way to communicate
for centuries —rh

— the whole ‘family crest’ thing
in the Middle Ages was tied up
with using pictograms
to indicate sounds –

And I realized that I had
a mess of vintage postcards
with these things all over em.

Not only that,
but apparently,
this application
is not unique to justreb
that one beer company–

At one time or another,
rebuses appeared on the
caps of bottled beers from:

Lucky Lager,
Texas Pride,
et al.

Weird, huh?

There also is actually a
collector market for the caps.

Messages can be slogans,facts
cliches, sayings, and one-liners
like these from Lionshead Ale:

93. “Keep Your Eye on the Ball”

97. “United We Stand”

116. “Keep it Under Your Hat”

129. “The Early Bird Gets the Worm”

So, if you were paying attention
to the bottle caps on the beers
as you were drinking,dont
all those years spent in the bar
weren’t wasted after all —

— you wuz buzy using your
little gray cells after all.

As for me,
I just noticed it last week, so…..


!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!!!






8 thoughts on “Enigma Week: Your Uncle’s Rebus

  1. mislucja says:

    Neat! Though I suppose figuring out rebuses (rebi?) gets more diffucult the more beers you have 😛

  2. Yay for that! (the using of brain cells!)
    How cool are those caps and their messages! It’s so much fun figuring out the secret-y codes and messages!
    HUGS for a Nude Year! Er…sorry…I meant “New” year!!! My bad! 😉 😛

  3. GP Cox says:

    Now I’ve got to THINK while I drink? Jeez

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