On The Stump

driveinstumpJust like you should
never go to the
grocery store
when you’re hungry……

I think it’s probably
also true that if
you want to avoid
writing about
food and restaurants,
you should avoid blogging
on an empty stomach, too.

Cause, it occurred to me,
while mulling over a subject
for today’s pièce de résistance ,
while fighting back the
almost insatiable urge
for a bacon cheeseburger,
that maybe it would be fun
to look at some more vintagebathroom
roadside places that are
long, long gone….

…. similar to the previous
uber-popular posts on the
Muscleheaded Blog like
this one, and this one.

Ok, I guess maybegarage
the expression ‘uber-popular’
is kinda an exaggeration…..
which is why I’m trying
to plug those things.

Not that ratings really
means anything around here,
especially ’cause the differencehou
between 4 readers and 5
isn’t gonna set the world
on fire either way.

And damn, would you
need an awful big extinguisher
if it did.

Hooo boy,
— talk about
Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.


So, it’s probably
just as well.

Anyhoo, despite me
wanting to post
something abouttreehouse
lost eateries….
somehow I got off track,
— and you’ll see how
in just a second.

Our first hole in the wall,
… errrr…
maybe I should say,
hole in the wood,tunnel
was called Rex’s Redwood Log —
otherwise known as the
World Famous Drive-In
Stump Souvenir Stand
and Hamburger Joint,
in Eureka, California–

It was cut out of a
single redwood log
about 22 feet in diameter.camper
The place offered cheap
hand-made novelties,
badly cooked sandwiches,
and a free bumper sticker
with every purchase.

It was expanded into a
full service restaurant
in the 1940’s…pal

There was a highway called
the “Redwood Highway”
(Old U.S. Route 199 in
Northern California
and Oregon, and parts
of U.S. Rte 101 in California)
that ran past dozens of
these kinds of cichey places
centered on the giant redwoods–

— but if your particular fetish
was for buildings cut out of a
single huge redwood log like Rex’s–

well, there were alsovisitor
gas stations, churches,
homes, tree houses
(a natural, I guess)
garages, lodges,
tunnels, art galleries,
rest rooms, airplanes,
railroad cars,
huge statues of bears,
motorhomes, playhouses,
and plenty of tourist traps
made out of the same material.

Not to mention,
eventually, anyway,
the world’s largest pile of mulch.

!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!



10 thoughts on “On The Stump

  1. hjonasson says:

    It’s also probably not good to read about restaurants on an empty stomach, because now I’m hungry. But cool places though!

  2. You know I love when you blog about wood! 😉 😀
    Those places are so cool!
    I’ve seen a lot of amazing redwoods in CA!
    I’d love to see some of those log homes!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. julespaige says:

    Two things…I think that log home still exists…I read about it somewhere in the last few years (I think it stayed in the family). You wouldn’t be allowed to do that today – cut down a redwood.

    And as for the drive through one…sadly it just fell down:

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