Tomorrows From Yesterday

interlude” Nihil sub sole novum. ”

There’s nothing new
under the sun.

One thing that is
patently observable from art —

Our concepts of what the
future will look like
is always (and is naturally)
colored by our present.

Just like new technologyradiofax
is usually based upon the
technologies of the past.

Very few things are
genuinely original,
as the old biblical verse
( Ecclesiastes 1:9 )
would indicate.

I love vintage sci-fispacegunrocket
illustrations for that
very reason.

It’s always fascinating
to see how an artist
or a photographer
can extend his
understanding and
concepts of technologybakeomat
out beyond the current science
of his time and try to predict
what is to come in the next era.

This kind of artistic conjecture
can have it’s pitfalls,
which are,
in themselves,
very revealing, and often,
very humorous as well.astrocombat

And being dead wrong
about the future
(for a sci-fi artist, anyway)
isn’t something to
be ashamed of —

— for them,
thinking out of
the box as much as possible
frequently results in the
best kind of art —

Something that engages
the viewers’ imagination
while also demonstratinghelitrain
the innate limitations of
science and our human

Imagining creations,
and beings
that can only exist
but partially in reality,
and partially in the mind.

Oh man,
very cool.hel

I’ll admit,
I’ve posted
on this subject
several times
over the years,
and if you
happen to find
this kinda artheetpac
as appealing
as I do, check out
these fine articles
from our archives :


“Goofy Views Of
The F U T U R E “

Inventions I’m
Still Waiting On

“Riding On The
Time Machine”


You might even get the feeling
that the future could be fun,
who knows.

!!! HOY !!!!



8 thoughts on “Tomorrows From Yesterday

  1. J.D. Riso says:

    I can never get enough of retro futurism.

  2. This is a fun post!
    Thanks for the links!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. ktz2 says:

    I love these things too, like the ray-gun type rocket & the rollerblade type train

  4. I still love a fresh newspaper and I would love that radio! Very cool how you have this all together, and your other articles look fascinating. I’ll be passing those along to my husband.

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