Zella Muriel Wright says:

baisersI wait for you in the dusk.
How strange you
seem tonight!
Your eyes glisten
with a burnished light,
Like the eyes of a serpent,
Like the eyes of a god.

Wherever your eyes
are turned upon me
My flesh burns
As though two hot coals
were laid upon it;

But I do not move.
Why do you never take
your eyes from me?
baiserWhy do you
tremble and
grow so pale,
You who were so
radiant and rigid
A moment ago?

You touch me and
drop weakly
in a heap;
There is no power
in your muscles.
But it is
only the
before madness;

baisersA madness
that gives you
a ten-fold
For a second
I shrink with fear,
Lest in your ferocity,
you devour me.

baiserThen I laugh—
-my whole body laughs;
But I move not.
On my lips there
is a faint smile,
Shall I tell you
why I smile?


7 thoughts on “Zella Muriel Wright says:

  1. Aw! and SIGH! 🙂
    This makes me all tingly and glowy!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Mrs Fever says:

    Ah, yes. When he was so radiant and rigid just a moment ago… And then he’s limp and weak. (Otherwise known as a refractory period, perhaps? Or: roll over and snore.)

  3. julespaige says:

    I think I saw stuff for Valentine’s December 26th last year!

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