Got My Goat

goatlighterIt takes all kinds,
I guess…

I have a friend who likes
to razz me about my long-held
membership in a fraternal order

(which shall remain nameless,
since I’m not exactly aAre You an Elk The Initiation
shining example of a
solid-citizen-member… )

He never fails to pick up any
old fraternal nick-nacks he
stumbles across in his travels….

— and then grills me endlessly
about the meaning of anyredmen
symbolism on said nick nack.

That whole secrecy bugaboo
about ” If I told you I’d have
to kill ya ” is certainly a bunch
of hooey, and I’m pretty sure
it wouldn’t work anyway.

Hell, the guy must be a zombie
the way he chain-smokes
sriracha — on everything.stl

I’d bet he puts
that stuff on ice cream.


He bought me a
few old posties
featuring fraternalmoose
initiates riding goats….

And I thought y’all might
get a kick out of ’em..

Despite the fact that no fraternal
organization that I am familiar
with has ever initiated
anybody that way.oldman

I dunno whether the people
who first came up with
the whole goat mythology
ever really tried doing
something like that themselves…

— but, in mydogs
(and limited to zoological locales)
experience, goats aren’t
the most cooperative
of animals to begin with,
they smell pretty bad,
and are generally not that sociable.

And that would have to be
one helluva big goat
for a grown man
to have to ride one.goat

— maybe that sex-farm
out in Enumclaw, Washington
would have one trained and
suitable for the purpose,
hell, I dunno…

it doesn’t seem likely
that local lodges would
have the capacity to
to keep one handy
everytime they had a candidate.

It seems much more
likely to me, anyhow,bumper
they’d use something
much more common
and at-hand for any
kinda hazing activities
they might have in mind….

… well,
I dunno….

maybe making somebody
eat that Sriracha stuff.


!!! HOY !!!!


PS: If you like these
fraternal themed cards,
there’s more on my
previous post, called
Odd Fellers and Such.





27 thoughts on “Got My Goat

  1. “Oh, goats just wanna’ have fun! That’s all they really want…they just wanna’ have fun…”
    Song by Cyndi Baaper (or maybe her last name is Bleatper! 😀 )
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. That’s interesting. I know another Mason and he’s never mentioned goats either! Maybe it’s a ritual that phased out.

  3. jamesrneal says:

    My family raised dairy goats when I was a boy. I can attest to them not being cooperative or sociable! I’d say putting anyone in a pen with an angry nanny goat would be ample hazing. Enjoyed the post!

  4. jillianmrks says:

    Fraternal orders are (were?) a deeply held tradition in our culture. There is a long history in my family of these associations, for both the men and the women. I had no interest, however, in learning the secret handshake–but I admire the concept.

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