Sunday Morning Music

bongoHiya Groovy Shipmate !!

How’s stuff
in the fast lane ?

I hope all is well
with you and
you’re up for
another wild ride on
Magic Mountain,
otherwise known
as our weekly
Sunday Morning Music post.

Oh, you wanna takea1
me literal, do you?

Ok, then.

Let’s start with that.

Eric Burden and War —
” Magic Mountain ” 


Everything But The Girl–
” Rollercoaster ” 


Pink Floyd —
” Comfortably Numb ” 


Doobie Brothers —
” Losin’ End “


Carly Simon —
Anticipation (live)


Steely Dan —
” The Things I Miss The Most ” 


David Bowie —
” Ashes to Ashes “


Maryann and the Tri-Tones —
” Hold Me Tight “


Stevie Wonder
(with Minnie Riperton)–
” Creepin ” 


Let’s climb a bit to
get scrub some speed off…..

Beatles —
” Something In The Way She Moves “


Michael Franks —
” The Chemistry of Love ” 


Chicago —
” Aire ”


Fifth Dimension —a3
What Does It Take


Everything But The Girl —
” Cross My Heart ” 


here comes
the big drop
with the curves, now….

Sarah Vaughan —
The Shadow Of Your Smile


Amy Winehouse —
” Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ” 


Linda Ronstadt —
” Hurts So Bad “


Julie London —
” You Go To My Head ” 


Alicia Chakour and the Osrah —
” Giving Up” 


Maynard Ferguson —
” Theme From ‘Shaft’ ” 


Thanks to Vintage Music Blog
for the Maryann and the TriTones link !
here’s one more.


!!!!!!! Cheers !!!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music

  1. Life in the fast lane is…well…FAST!!! 😀
    The perfect winter night for Sarah, Amy, Linda, and Carly!
    Thanks for the tunes, C!
    The lady in that last photo needs some album-covers to cover up and protect all those naked records! 😉
    HUGS!!! 😛

  2. jillianmrks says:

    Oh my gosh! Where did you get that last image??? So provocative. How do you come up with these mixes? I thought I was the only listener to that Steely Dan song. I always sing along with the chorus: “the talk. and the sex…” Big fan of The Dan. I got to see them play in Boca a couple years ago 🙂 Michael Franks, another obscure artist I really enjoy. Pink Floyd and Bowie are a given, of course. Ashes to Ashes was one of those exceptional MTV videos I watched again and again as a kid…probably twisted me up in some way, ha ha.

    • 🙂 I thought yo might like that last image– it’s retro-cool, right ? 🙂
      Yes, it’s a great Dan piece — and Michael is also muchly a fave. Overall, it sounds like the post was a success –!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Brett says:

    Chris, nice selections as usual. Of these, Maryann and the Tritones are new to me — especially glad to have listened in for that new bit of musical inspiration.

  4. OK, you did it again, Started with “Comfortably Numb”, when right to “Wish You Were Here”, slid to “Hey You” and finishing up at “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”. So I guess, thanks! and “Have a Cigar”. 😀

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