Friday’s Bag

redT.G.I.F. Y’all !!!!!

It’s the last weekend
of January already ?????

Man, did that month
fly by or what?

Hell, I barely got all
the wrapping paper scraps
and holiday cookie crumbs
up off the carpet,

(mostly by letting
our official resident canine
Daisie Doggie have at it)

— and now, it’s nigh on
Valentines Day already!

And yes, a1a

You can expect the
usual Muscleheaded
V-D blitz ,
starting next week….

Hey, man,
it’s one of my paisrich
favorite holidays,
what can I say?

But you’re safe this week.

My advice is to enjoy
the quiet while you can.


I don’t know
what I would do
without our readers —

… cause it’s murder
trying to find freshcream
content for a daily
posting blog like
this one…..

but with the
generous help
of our readers,
and everything is possible.baer

you’d better believe it.

In this case,
our Friday mailbag post —

which of
is simply:tv

— a mishmosh melange
of mixed messages,
hambone humor,
pedestrian pablum,
bizarre daguerrotypes,
vintage curiosities,
bad intentions,
and subliminal
filthy thoughts.

you gotta love all that.

My friend Katie
sent me this onekatie typewriter
a while back –

It pictures what was
actually the world’s
largest working typewriter.

An Underwood Master
weighing just over 14 tons…..

Built for the New York
World’s Fair in 1939.charles

I have no idea how big
the secretary would have
to have been to use it,
(I need somebody
like her to keep people
outta my office! )
but it’s interesting anyway.

I have to say that
although I do 1942
love my vintage Olivetti,
I don’t miss typewriters in general…

And just the thought
of carbon paper
makes me break out in hives.

I think I must have been
the first one on my block
with a word processor
and a dot-matrix printer, man.

And I’d still have
it too, probably,
( and using it )coming
if they hadn’t stopped
making the damned ribbons
for it back in the early 1990’s.

(Yes, I had the ones
that used heat-sensitive
paper before that)

you see,lamb
I have nothing
against new technology….

Just useless ‘upgrades’
that add expense and
complications without a
vast improvement
in their form or function.


this post is making
me feel very old.

Oh well…

I know the cure for that,

Just post something
that’s even older
than me.

Ah yes.


Feeling better already !

HOY !!!




4 thoughts on “Friday’s Bag

  1. Those cards are fun!
    VD!!! ❤ YAY! ❤ It's my fav holiday! ❤ Bring on the VD cards and etc! ❤
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. julespaige says:

    You do know now that they have TV’s in Frig’s.
    Hmm…maybe it is just a computer streaming.
    Awe now I’m picturing a TV with the indoor water thingy dripping scenes…reminiscent of Dali. …Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep last night… Where’s the coffee…

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