Sunday Morning Music


It’s nice of you
to join us here
this morning
for another
Sunday Morning
Music post.

Whether it’s actually
Sunday Morning
where you are,
is I guess,
pretty immaterial
to the matter at hand…sa

Cause I’m pretty sure
it ain’t Sunday Morning
where I’m at, either.


We’ll carry on and maybe
nobody else will notice, right?

That’s the spirit.

We’ve got some cool
stuff for you today..

It’s another one of those
‘Deep End of the Pool’ posts…a22

Rock and Roll monsters
you may never have heard,
or if you have, it’s been a
good while since.

Some of it’s recent,
some of it vintage.

It’s like going ape
in a strange
musical wonderland.

No, “Gorilla My Heart”
is not one of the selections.

But, how aboutgodzill
this one instead?

Warren Zevon —
” Gorilla You’re A Desperado “


Dave Clark Five —
” Glad All Over ” 


Led Zepplin —
” Dazed And Confused ” 


Doobie Brothers —
“For Someone Special “


Fifth Dimension —
” What Does It Take ” a44


Walter Becker —
” Book Of Liars ” 


” For Ladies Only ” 


Hollies —
” Stop Stop Stop ” 


Yardbirds —
” Heart Full Of Soul “


ZZ Top —
” Thunderbird (live) ” 


Count Five —
” Psychotic Reaction


Eagles —
” Get Over It ” 


Blind Faith —
” Do What You Like ” 

Van Halen —
” Where Have All The Good Times Gone” 


Electric Prunes —
” I Had Too Much To
Dream Last Night “


Rare Earth —
” I Know I’m Losing You “


Maryann and the Tri-Tones
“Rock And Roll Tonight (Live) “



Our Classic Album Selection is :
Humble Pie (Humble Pie ) 


!!!!! HOY !!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music

  1. Rockin’ tunes for Sunday night! Thanks, C!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Love your list. It’s a Blind Faith kinda Sunday over here…making me both Dazed and Confused and Glad All Over. Thanks for sharing these great tunes! ❤

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