Games of ‘Chance’

bassA couple of times
in my life,
I’ve had this
sensation that
I was due to
have a stroke
of good luck.

what causes
this delusion,
I have no idea,
but it’s a
pretty powerful feeling,iou
and I’ve been
usually inclined
to follow it to it’s
natural conclusion.

Which is to say–

That afterwards
I’ll be completelycraps
out of money
and out of luck,
looking to hock
my gold (plated)
belt buckle for
bus fare home.

I’m told that good, 1a
successful gamblers
know the exact time
to walk away with
their winnings/losses.

In my case, that would
mean not to even start.

Happily, thatpennypool
‘you’re about to win big’
fantasy doesn’t hit me
all that often…..

The last time I had it
was on a cruise ship —

— the first night on board,
I had a bizarre dream
about the number 28.

Of course, I connected
the dubious dots and
arrived at the supposition
that the dream was tryingthis
to tell me to play the
number 28 on the
Roulette Table in
the ship’s casino.

So I did.
Played it ten times.
Lost ten times.
No more bets, I said.

I watched it come up
twice in a row,
as I was just standing
there watching.

So maybe the dream
just forgot to tell me
when to play the
damned number,
I dunno.see

Nope- I’m not throwing
any more money
down that particular hole.

All the same, I have
plenty of friends
who just love to gamble.

And their luck iskitty
much better, it seems.

I guess if it’s
FUN to somebody,
and the winning/losing
part of it doesn’t matter
all that much,
maybe it makes sense —

–sort of a past-time
that just swallows yourvargas
whole paycheck whole.

I mean,
I really like pinball,
and there’s absolutely
no chance it’s ever going
to pay off in quarters,
—– or even replays
most of the time.

But when it comes
to games of chance,
the ‘big pay-off’ is always
hanging over you,
like the Sword of Damacles….suicidetable

One more bet,
— just one more —
might just hit the jackpot.

Sorry, but it just seems like
the short road to crazy to me.

!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!





6 thoughts on “Games of ‘Chance’

  1. I’m not a gambler. But, I enjoy playing cards, pinball, etc.
    Love the monkey! Love the royal flush girl!
    HUGS!!! Happy Wednesday!!! 🙂

  2. ktz2 says:

    Something I’ve noticed more than once are ‘news’ stories of lottery winners going on to win a 2nd time, what the hell !! That’s just greedy, they stole my win. . .haha

  3. I have never won anything gambling. I always hear my friends say that they went to Vegas had a great time and the gambling “Paid for the trip”. It’s a wonder Las Vegas makes any money at all. 😉
    I really like the work of Zoe Mozart! She knew all of the elements of a pin up. That’s great lingerie!

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