Cool Smoke

luckystrikeWalking past a few
and rainsoaked
tobacco devotees (or addicts )
sneaking a short,
cold smoke break
in the very small,
outside, and uncovered
smoking area
at the airport….

(which, since January 1st,
has ‘no smoking’ signs
plastered all around it)

got me to thinking about how
much my parents’ generationbogart
liked to smoke cigarettes…..

Man, in those days
you couldn’t
really be cool
unless you mastered
that ‘sophisticated smoker
got everything in control look’.

Just imagine
great Humphrey Bogart –
without a cigarette wisping
smoke into his eyes….serling

….. that squinty snarl
wouldn’t scare a kitty cat.

And Rod Serling,
on the Twilight Zone —

…. that dapper demeanor
and aura of mystery
couldn’t be created
with just a fog machine.

How bad could they
be for you if both
Fred Flintstone andfredandbarney
Barney Rubble
smoked em, huh?

Of course,
even back then,
I guess folks kinda
knew it wasn’t
exactly good for you.

Despite the cigarette
ad campaigns and the
‘doctor recommendations’
to the contrary.

But I dunno…mantan

It certainly saved movie
detective Charlie Chan’s
(Sidney Toler) life in :
“The Chinese Dragon
(1944)” —

— when the chauffeur
Birmingham Brown
(Mantan Moreland)
couldn’t light his cigar,
(something kept putting
out his wooden match)
and it turned out
that the reason was
because the room
was being filledmiami
with poisonous gas.

was that a close call.

Which, somehow
brings me around to
one of Charlie Chan’s
favorite sayings:

Confucius says:
“Man who sit on tack better off.” 

Hoo Boy.

Cheers !!!!!!!



7 thoughts on “Cool Smoke

  1. I never knew Barney and Fred smoked! 😮
    Q. Do you know what it means when you smoke after sex?
    A. You did it too fast! 😛
    N0-Smoking-HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. “Not the worst possible health choice” haha

    Love that last vintage photo, really lovely

  3. ktz2 says:

    There used to be candy ‘cigarettes’ at the movie snack bar! For KIDS !
    And people would be puffing away wherever, whenever. . like smoking in the supermarket, even cigars

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