Do You Remember


I had an interesting
email from a new
reader yesterday.

I guess the writer must
be pretty young,
because although,
there were plenty
of positives in the note –

— there was also
the gist that this blog
relies way too much
upon references,
and illustrations
that are:kiddie
out of touch,
out of date,
and just plain out.

Basically, I guess
that means
we’re dusty,tryand
musty and
crusty, even.

Our frame of reference
is rather passé,
and old fashioned.try

so right.

And I don’t mind
any, or all, of that.

Because while
the email gave mesuit
some pause for reflection,

(and made a good topic
for our main post today–)

— the truth is that those very
propensities toward the
arcane and archaic are
a big part of what thisprop
whole blog is about.

A guy in his late 50’s (like I am)
learns (or, hopefully learns)
to be able to distinguish
between the oldies,
the goldies and the moldies.

Hopefully, we can interpet themkids
all on the Müscleheaded Blog
in a way that is still meaningful….

— and if not that,
then at least,
we can have
some fun with them.

Remembering the relics
of the past is part and parcelfredstone
with learning from the past –

It’s important to understand
that living, breathing, feeling
human beings, just like us,
produced and enjoyed them-
they meant something to them.

Yes, just as our relicsforgetbeach
mean something to us,
and as we’d hope that
they mean something
to someone in the future.

Perhaps it’s too much
to expect that they will
feel the same about them
as we do…..forge

…… but it’s enough
that we can share part
of those things that
we experience in our
short time here.

Let succeeding generations
make what they will of it.bathing

I am content.


!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!



18 thoughts on “Do You Remember

  1. Blog is a great history lesson showing us the humor, the innuendoes and life style of an entire Era. And many times we learn that we really aren’t that much different than our ancestors. Keep it up, I learn something from every post.

  2. Excellent post! Great GH song!
    Yes, be content, C, and I are (good grammar! 😀 )content with you and your amazing fun funny interesting blogs…many of which keep the coolest of the “old” stuff alive! I like the glimpse you give us back to the 1900-1970’s! I’ve learned a lot from your blog posts and I’ve laughed a lot while doing so!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. Rita says:

    Bravo 👏🏻

  4. GP Cox says:

    You have got to be kidding?!! I see Millennials all becoming carbon copies of each other and some one has the gall to ridicule your post?!! Your reply to them is quite calm and logical – I’m afraid I couldn’t be so poised.
    Signed: also ‘out-of-touch; out-moded, musty and crusty.

  5. ktz2 says:

    These kids today . . do they think they’re never gonna be ‘old’ and their grandkids thinking they’re corny. . haha

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