Sunday Morning Music

chuckHi there everyone —

Welcome to another
Sunday Morning Music Post.

Thanks for dropping in.


How can you argue with
the smooth, melodic
voice of Frank Sinatraz8
to start off our Sunday morning?

Frank Sinatra:
” The Way You Look Tonight ”


Let’s get groovy
with a couple 60’s/70’s pieces…

Everybody loves “Groovy People” , right ?
Especially Mister Lou Rawls.


Did you know that:
War put out an outstanding version
of the Rascals “Groovin” .


I’m not really a paratodos1927
Simon and Garfunkel fan,
but I admit this is a terrific song:
Feeling Groovy ” .


The Mamas and The Papas
were all part of the groovy movement, too.
Somebody Groovy


Ok, since we’re already doing bubblegum,
How about this moldy oldie from the
Love Generation :
Groovy Summertime


Groovy Kind of Love” was a song
written by Carole Bayer Sager
and Toni Wine,
and performed by a number of artists,
most recently by Phil Collins.cowbell

The original hit version, though,
was by the Mindbenders.


And ZZ Top —
well, they want themselves a
Groovy Little Hippie Pad
(From El Loco )


You gotta love a band that is
centered around a fantastic drummer.

Take this piece from Tommy Igoe
and The Groove Conspiracy:cymbal
Mercy, Mercy


I’m a big Stevie Wonder fan…
well, who ain’t?

Stevie Wonder —
” Until You Come Back To Me ” 


It’s like the man says–
One more bad dream could bring a fall…

Billy Idol —muttalica
Eyes Without A Face


Remember Ray Parker Jr ?
here’s one of his biggies in the 1980’s.
” The Other Woman ” 


Speaking of the 1980’s —
‘Love Stinks’ was a huge album
for Peter Wolf and the J.Geils Band.
I personally played the grooves
right off my copy of the LP.
Especially this cut —
” Come Back ” 


Hey —sentimental
Did you know that my favorite jazz trumpet player,
Maynard Ferguson, made an
appearance on a Chicago album?

Yep —
Now, I know a couple of you wise guys
will call this disco, but I don’t care what it is — I like it.

The high register trumpet playing is Maynard.

Chicago — ” Street Player


I love the music of the Fifth Dimension.

Despite one critics comment that they were
nothing more than ‘a soulful knock-off’
of ‘The Mamas and The Papas’,

— for my money, they were far, far better than that.

Their harmonies were spot on — always .

Check it out.

The Fifth Dimension —
Working On A Groovy Thingpatrick


Some of y’all might know that
I’m not exactly a fan of
the Steve Miller Band.

But it’s not because of this guy,
who was in that band for
a while in the 1960’s.

Nope —
Boz Scagg’s hip but sincere delivery is first rate.

Boz Scaggs: “ Jo Jo gidg


Same goes for Bread —
I mean, David Gates had a very good voice….
but most of their music put me to sleep.

Not this one.

David Gates:
” Never Let Her Go ” 


Now for the secrety secret that
it is the classic album of the week.

I wonder what it could be.

Oh, hey,
and how about a Betty Page pin-up
while we’re at it ?


10 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music

  1. dievca says:

    Tommy Igoe – Birdland Big Band is something to see live. He relocated to the West Coast, but the band is still going playing a Birdland and he steps in.

  2. I didn’t know that about Maynard!

    Groovy groovy post filled with groovy groovy music!

    I was so busy on the whee-kend, I am now listening to your Sunday tunes on Monday!

    HA! I enjoyed Bread…but a big part of it was how super cute the Bread dudes were! 😉 😀

    Love the record player Valentine card!

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. ktz2 says:

    Until You Come Back as done by Aretha, is in my personal all time Top 5 !

  4. Far out- great mix. Love the fifth dimension- you never hear that name anymore.
    We’re going to have to disagree about Steve MIller Band, but I’m ok with that ^_^

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