The Mighty Mighty MailBag

behindCalling all Muscleheaded Blog fans —

I can actually see
the bottom—

— of the mailbag,
that is.

So, if you’ve got submissions
backed up on your hard drive
that you’ve been just itching
to send in —

— well, now’s as good
a time as any.

(And you might consider
putting somehello
hydrocortisone creme
on that itch
while you’re at it….. )

Send us just about anything.

We’re putting out the call, man.

We ain’t picky,
as you already know.


Today’s mix is a bit like
my Aunt Sarah’s stew —

You throw whatever you
have left over ohyeah
in the refrigerator,
the produce cabinet,
and the can pantry at
the end of the week
into a big ole pot, and
then let it boil over.

Then, just skim off
the scum and

that didn’t come out right.

But then, neither does my
Aunt Sarah’s stew, usually.

I guess our post today
does have a kinda general
theme, though —

the telephone.

It’s really fun to see
how telephone use
has evolved over the years.

Ok, so ‘evolved’
isn’t exactly cant
the right word…..

‘Devolved’, maybe.

Cause today,
I think people
use telephones
for everything
BUT talking.

Not only do you
no longer have to
imagine what the
hottie at the other end
of the line is wearing
right now–

—  but you can get solines
up close and personal
that it just boggles
the mind, boy.

And I can’t believe that
I actually sound like
I’m complaining
about it, either.

Man, I’m think
I’m being driven
slowly mad,

mad I tell you.

!!!! HOY !!!!!!



4 thoughts on “The Mighty Mighty MailBag

  1. Ha! Don’t go mad…go glad! 😉 😀
    YAY for phones!!! I love to talk on my phone! But, you are right, some people use it for everything but talking.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…HA, you Aunt’s stew sounds good on this cold night!

  2. julespaige says:

    Marbles are rattling… but I musta got my wires crossed.
    I got nuthin’ honey… oh wait that’s the name of a cereal isn’t it.

    How about looking into telephone advertising?
    Can you hear me now? – that guy jumped ship and is working for the other company now. But then heck what is just a 1% difference?

    I still got land lines. Best thing about them is no photos, but I do have caller ID. Which I use to screen out the twits. Just City and State in the ID is usually a red flag not to answer a spoofed number.

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