Playing Those Mind Games

stungEditors Note: 
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during this read, you can click
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Just sayin. 

To get a straight answer
about anything these days
is quite a daunting task,
ya know…….

If you’re having a problem
getting your prescriptions filled,a1
you might call the pharmacy…

who tells you that
it’s not THEIR fault,
— it’s the Doctor’s office
who dropped the ball…..

the Doctor’s office verifies the script,
and says it’s an issue
with the insurance company.

The insurance company says
the paperwork wasn’t filled
out right by the doctor,
or the pharmacy, either.

Not their problem.z1

Man, I don’t care
whose fault it is —
I just want it fixed, right?
But nooooooooo–
on and on,
over and over it goes.

And I guess you could
say that mind games,z3
blame avoidance, and

the old run-around have
all become just another
part of our culture……

you’re actually surprised
these days when
something works–

–you get good service
somewhere, or z2
someone says ‘please’
or ‘thank you’,
and you’re ready to have
a social orgasm.

Why IZ dat?

How are you supposed to
get anything done that way ?

so, while I started off this post
sounding like just another rant,z4
it’s actually an intricately
formulated introduction
to our latest evil plan
for a post —

It’s called
” Cerebral Conundrums”
or if you’d rather,
simply —
” Mental Mind Fucks ” .

It’s easy to play.z5

Just answer these 10 elementary questions
that will demonstrate exactly what I mean
about this culture.

(Yeah, I know there’s 11…
….. that’s part of the mind fuck. )


– you asked for it.

1: If something is
‘new and improved’,
does that mean the
previous product

was ‘old and flawed’? 

2: Do stairs go ‘up’ or ‘down’?

3: If the package of
a piece of gum

says that it’s 10 calories, fool
is that amount just
chewing the gum,

or also for swallowing it?

4: What’s the difference
normal ketchup
and fancy ketchup?

5: Why doesn’t any product
that claims to be ‘grape flavor’
smell or taste like grapes?

6: How far east can you go
z7before you’re heading west?

7: Exactly what is someone who 
says they’re a
force to be reckoned with‘? 

8: If an ambulance is on its way
to save someone, and it runs
somebody else over, 
does it stop to help them?

9: In the middle of a conversation,

when a person uses the phrase:   
to tell you the truth“, question
what were they telling
you before that?

10: Why are hot dogs sold
6 to a package,
and hot dog rolls 8 ? 

And finally —
Just how do you
know for sure 

that the little light in
your refrigerator question

actually does go ‘off’ when
you close that door ? 

Questions, questions..

Well, ok-
it’s probably better
not to think about it,
you’re right.

!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!!



6 thoughts on “Playing Those Mind Games

  1. Ha! Not thinking about all of those answers IS better! 😀
    Creative, fun post! Love the vids! Love the Foolish Questions! 😀
    HUGS!!! 😛

  2. I quit listening when anyone says “honestly though” or “to tell you the truth”. And who I thought were very smart people say it.

    And I too have always wondered about the hot dog and hot dog bun conundrum.

  3. julespaige says:

    Along the lines of ‘Jumbo Shrimp’ this post…

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