Mongrel Melodies

doggieFrom the dark labyrinth of
musty, dusty storerooms
beneath what used to be
a major metropolitan
missle silo / tavern,
comes another in
a long string
incoherent paragraphs,
mindless drivel,dogcatcher
and totally pointless posts —

Yes, it’s time again for
the next edition of the
Muscleheaded Blog.

As for today’s topic,
well, I’ll get straight to it.


They’re one of my
favorite kinda peeples.

And you might remember
that the Muscleheaded Blog
has a new canine mascot –daisy

Her name is Daisie Doggie,
and she’s an Australian Shepherd.

Cute as lace pants.

And I must say,
she fits right into
my rather eccentric household.

One of the things I do
to drive Daisie Doggie crazy –

( that’s my role in the house-
— to drive everybody else crazy )dog

is to sing her praises to her –

— she hates that —

( everybody’s a critic )

and to adapt popular
song titles/lyrics
to that end.

I think I’ve covereddog
the easy ones already,
but I’m finding myself
having to become more
and more creative every day.

(so she won’t get
bored, ya know. )

I was working on some
new ones tonight, and
I thought I’d try the
titles out on you —

— as my volunteer
experimental subjects, dog
if you will.

( mad scientist laugh follows )

See if you can figure
out song title I’m mangling.

I’ll even give you the artist,
and a link to the original song,dog
should you find any of that
really necessary.

A bit of a caveat:
A couple of em are tricky,
— and you have to let me
know how well you do !

Okey dokey :

“How Much Is That
Daisey Doggie In The Window”
( Patti Page )

” Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun ”
( Cyndi Lauper )

” A Whole Lotta Daisie “1dog
( AC/DC )

” Pup It Up ”
( Elvis Costello)

” Another Park, Another Poopie ”
( Doobie Brothers )

” Daisie Don’t Lose That Dogtag”
( Steely Dan )dog

” Gimme Back My Dogbowl ”
( Lynyrd Skynyrd )

” She’s My Best Friend’s Dog ”
( Cars )

” Green Eyed Puppy”
( Sugarloaf )

” Me, and You, and A
Dog Named Daisie”dog
( Lobo )

” Doggie My Eyes ”
( Jackson Browne )

” Barkin’ In The Moonlight”
( King Harvest )

” Come and Get Your Dog ”
( Redbone )

” Daisie You’re A Desperado ”
( Warren Zevon )

” Chooie Chooie “frenchbulldog
( Kingsmen )

” Puppies Gotta Move ”
( Gino Vanelli )

” You Ain’t Nuthin But An Australian Shepherd”
( Elvis )

” Canines of Sanchez ”
( Chuck Mangione)

” Bark Away ”
( George Harrison)

” Dark Eyed Cajun Doggie”dogs
( Doobie Brothers )

” Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap ”
( AC/DC )
( you ain’t never had a dog
if you don’t get that one)


PS: my very lovely buddy C
contributed a few of her own —puppy

“This Puppy is a Dog Now”
by Gary Puckett

“I Want To Hold Your Paw”
by the Beatles

“Daisie Stardust”
by David Bowie

“Jumpin’ Daisie Flash”
by The Rolling Stones.

Nicely done, C !!!!!

!!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!




7 thoughts on “Mongrel Melodies

  1. dievca says:

    Very much fun! Great doggy music – I’m still laughing at the Godzilla gif.

  2. Cooper and I love love LOVE this post!!! We give it 4 Paws Up! Dogs are one of my fav people groups, too!
    Hey! to Daisie! She is a cutie! And a beauty! 🙂
    I knew all but four of the original song titles…you know, I knew what they were before you dogged them up! 😀 😛
    How about this one: “This Puppy is a Dog Now” by Gary Puckett 😀 *snort*
    or “I Want To Hold Your Paw” by the Beatles 😛 “Daisie Stardust” by Bowie “Jumpin’ Daisie Flash” The Rolling Stones.
    Ha! this is fun! I love that you sing to Daisie. When I sing to Cooper he likes it and wants to put his head against my chest. 🙂
    HUGS!!! for you! Belly RUBS for Daisie! 🙂 Or the other way around if you prefer! 😉 😛

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