Pattie Of Troy

pattieHer face was an icon
for 1960’s London fashion.

She was considered
(and really was)
one of the most beautiful
women of her generation.

She wined and dined
with royalty, celebrities,
and the upper crusta2
of British society.

She had a one word role
in a Beatles movie —
and soon found herself
immersed in the crazy
world of rock and roll.

So much so, that she
inspired 10 rock and roll hits,
written by several different artists.

She was Pattie Boyd.

I was looking through my
Rolling Stone Encyclopediacrisps
the other day, and I happened
to show my son a picture
of Pattie Boyd, and explained
how she might be thought
of as Rock and Roll’s
‘Helen of Troy’ —

as influential as she had
been on Rock Music…..

He looked at her picture,
then back at me, with a
kinda confused expression,
and finally asked me what
was so special about her.krissyronniepattieeric

It’s true, I guess….

Every picture doesn’t really
tell THE story.

Just ask Ronnie Wood.


Pattie Boyd was working
as a model in the early 60’s,
when she happened to be cast
in the role of a schoolgirl
for the movie
A Hard Days Night “,a1
starring the Beatles, in 1964.

Her one word in the movie
” Prisoners? “.

Somehow, though —
that short appearance on the set
led to George Harrison asking
her out —
using the line :
“Will you marry me? 
Well, if you won’t marry me,
will you have dinner
with me tonight?”

George always did have
a way with women…

Anyhoo… after some ups
and downs, they were
indeed married – in 1965.pattieboydgeorgeharrison

Now, as you probably remember,
the Beatles all had rather active
love-lives, and so,
it appears, did their wives
( who could blame em)
— and pretty soon Pattie was
hanging out with the Faces
( soon to be Rolling Stones )
guitarist Ronnie Wood.

And in the meantime,
Eric Clapton of Cream had also
caught the Pattie Boyd affliction —

Oh, this story can go
on for a long time, more…..

But, suffice to say that at least 10
Billboard chart songs can be
attributed to her inspiration.ericpattie

And our post today will give
you a chance to come up
with them–

Yes, you could win
a no-expense-paid
trip to nofuckingswhere .

Hey, oh sure
we’re cheap bastards,
so what?

But to add a bit of mystery,
I will list the songtitle in yellow,
and you can click on the linka1
if you can’t come up with it.

Or maybe you just wanna
listen to the damn song, I dunno.

Anyway, here they are:
( in no particular order )

“Layla” – Derek & the Dominos

“For You Blue” – The Beatles

“Mystifies Me” – Ronnie Wood

“So Sad” – George Harrison

“I Need You”The Beatles

“She’s Waiting” – Eric Clapton

“Breathe On Me”Ronnie Wood

Bell Bottom Blues” – Eric Clapton

It’s All Too Much” – The Beatles

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

“Something” – George Harrison

“Why Does Love Got
To Be So Sad” – Derek & the Dominos

“Old Love”   – Eric Clapton


Thanks to C for ” Bell Bottom Blues “,
which I plum forgot.

I’m told there are still others —
and if anybody knows
what they are, well,
drop me a line.

In the meantime,
have a groovy Thursday.

!!!!! HOY !!!!!!



Note: all of the pictures
used in this post
are used in accordance
with the “Fair Use”
provisions of Title 17
U.S.C. Section 107-
and the material on
this site is distributed
without profit.



15 thoughts on “Pattie Of Troy

  1. jillianmrks says:

    Very interesting post, Chris! Don’t they say, “a pretty girl is like a melody”? They took that one to the bank! Awesome.

  2. How amazing to be the muse for one song or poem…let alone so many!

    How about “Bell Bottom Blues” ?

    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    Patty Boyd was certainly one of my idles as well as John Lennon’s Cynthia and of course Twiggy. I did not know that Patty was such a player as well…[being too young to really grasp that at the time] I say now, good on her! 🙂

  4. kerbey says:

    (not talking about the British teeth…) I like that slogan, “Smiths have crispness in the bag.” That’s a good life motto.

  5. Very interesting post Chris, love looking into the influences of famous songs.

    I think either Harrison or Clapton tried to start her out with a singing career, that failed. There may even be a record of hers out there.

    Another interesting girl of the time is Marianne Faithful. She influenced many of the most popular Rolling Stones songs, and at least one Beatles ( And Your Bird Can Sing) and Hollies (Carrie Anne) songs.

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