Shake It Like A Polaroid Pitcha

a2Polaroid cameras used to be
the leading edge in
photographic technology.

Just think about it
for a second.

Instead of waiting
a whole week or so
for your pictures to be
developed by the local Fotomat…..

— you could snap and picture
with your trusty Polaroid,

and after a few anxiousa4
moments waving the print
around in the air —

you’d peel the paper back ,
and presto —

— a brand new picture
of your second cousin.

it was grainy,
sorta outta focus,
and already starting to fade,
but it was pretty damned
close to ” instant ”  —

as close as you were
gonna get in a personal camera
for the 1970’s, anyway.
Even ‘selfies’ were possible,
despite the fact they
weren’t called that, then.

You just had to have
very long arms.

And the Polaroid cameras
were excellent on those
special occasions when
you were interested in
taking the kinds of picturesbath
that you couldn’t send to
the Fotomat, even
if you wanted to.

you know the ones.

The ones you’ve still got
tucked away between the
pages of a 1979 edition
of the Rand McNally Atlas
of Eastern Europe.

Come on —
what else would you need
a boundary map of Jugoslavia for ?

The funny thing is,
nobody’s figured it out.




16 thoughts on “Shake It Like A Polaroid Pitcha

  1. Yes, I DO know the ones!!! 😉

    I kept such things in an old dictionary. You know my thinking…like who uses dictionaries anyways! 😉

    Oh, those really were the good old days! 😛
    HUGS!!! 😀

  2. I think I lost my first comment.

    I had about a 400 page hollowed out book that I hid my first rubbers and a couple of Polaroid titty shots of a short summer girlfriend romance. When I moved from home on my own after high school I had forgot about it and didn’t remove my old stash from my bookcase. Mom had a household sale and sold our old books. I’ve always wondered who bought that book and who found my small hidden picture treasure. !! I hope Mom didn’t find it. I’d love to see those Polaroid pictures again.!!! I imagine those colored condoms were probably pretty dried out by then too. Hahahaha!

  3. kerbey says:

    Those are kind of the pics ladies hope their exes burned. Evidence of bygone decades!

  4. julespaige says:

    Polaroids got a new camera awe…”Snap”
    Another odd size photo that doesn’t fit normal frame sizes…

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