A License To See/Do It

readitwrongAnytime I open
a blog with a
leading title like that,

Well, let’s just say
that I know what
you’re thinking, man.

Another case of Müscleheaded False Advertising.

And OK —
— it’s a fair cop.

But, really…

You wouldn’t want
to see a real example
of Müscleheaded’s
exhibitionist tendencies,
would ya ?

Not without an
eye wash station handy,
that’s for sure.

Believe me,
the people who spend
a lot of time on Orient Beach
wish that I never heard
of the place.

And I’ve still got sand
in my belly button
from the last visit, so…

Be that as it may (ahem) —

If you like the kinda vintage cards
we feature on the Muscleheaded Blog..

you might already be familiar witha1
the name of a famous 1940’s
publisher of witty postcards–

The Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago.

And I have certainly aready
posted some of their stuff —

anyoldIn the post
Low Art Exhibit –
Exhibit Supply Company
“, for instance.


— what do you mean
you didn’t read that one? :-O

Shame, shame.

well, ok…
don’t give it another thought, man ….

It’s not like there was any:

earth-shatteringly funny repartee
(yes there was)
deeply-thoughtful social analysis
(of course there was) show
ingeniously original blogging
(how could you doubt THAT )

—— that you missed completely and utterly.

Nothing to worry about.

And if you listen carefully,
you might hear the faint sounds
of a Bronx cheer off in the distance ….

You can make your formal apology later.

Or, maybe,
you could just get a license for it.

Yes, my friend —

one of the witty card set serieskey1g
that Exhibit Supply used to sell was this one:

“Any Old License To Do Any Old Thing”.

There were 8 different sets of these —
subdivided into 4 sets for men,
and 4 sets for women.


You could buy one ‘license’ for a penny,vending
out of a specially designed vending machine —
that might,
or might not,
dispense the ‘license’ you were looking for.

It worked on the same principle
as those nickel gum machines
with prizes in little plastic bubbles —

You wanted the cool smoking skull,
but you always ended up with
the cheap plastic ring,
the little blue super-bouncey ball,
the sticker that said “Kick Me“.

you were better off acquiring the set.

If you bought one of the men’s sets,
(“A Barrel Of Fun “)
you might get a license for :

Reckless Driving
To Operate A Still
To Get ‘Hot’
To Be A Snoop
A Necking Permit
To Be A Bachelor1a
To Carry A Hip Flask
To Be A Four Flusher
or A Nervy Guy Permit
( well, now,
… that could be useful )

If you bought one of the ladies sets,
(” Be The Life Of The Party “)
you could end up with a permit to:1b

Become A Blonde
Wear Trousers
Be A Flirt
Be A Backseat Driver
Be A Joy Killer
Join The Alimony Club
Be A Beach Vamp
or you could1
Get A Shimmie License ….
( again,
… that could probably be pretty useful).

I’m not saying
you could actually get away
with most of the stuff,
whether you had a license for it, or not. 1d

The ‘operating a still’ thing,
you gotta remember how fresh
in people’s minds Prohibition was in the 1940’s,
so I guess that one is certainly forgivable.

A ‘shimmy license’ ?
It seems to me that should be a free one. 1f

And ‘becoming a blonde’,
no harm in that,
assuming you weren’t a redhead.

But I ask you —
should people
be permitted to be ” joy killers “1e
because they paid a penny
for a piece of paper?

There’s too many
of those people in the world now,
and I bet they don’t even have a permit.

HOY !!!!!





6 thoughts on “A License To See/Do It

  1. Cool licenses!
    Yeah, boo on the joykillers! Boo!
    Oh, Donald, what happened to your shirt! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 😀

  2. Mrs Fever says:

    What’s a four flusher?

    (And please don’t tell me it has anything to do with toilets!)

  3. Love the Marilyn Gif. Mesmerizing .

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