Annie Winifred Ellerman says:


Aphrodite of the blue sleep, the bird-black sea,
I thank you that at last my body is at peace.

I toss these flowers from the flowers, your feet,
From the pear buds of your ankles,
The white hyacinths of your limbs.

The love-hour is ended.
Swallow-wings, dreams of a spiked iris,
Gipsy your eyes.

The hollows under your knees are sweet with love.
Your knees are quince-blossoms, bent back by the rain.

Blue of your eyes,
Blue of the Greek seas that has no name,
Am I lifted
To the porch of Aphrodite on your wings?


6 thoughts on “Annie Winifred Ellerman says:

  1. Blue-tiful!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. julespaige says:

    I’d comment, but I’ve been shoveling snow all morning….
    Snow Storm Stella! The first half anyway…

  3. Mrs Fever says:

    “at last my body is at peace”
    “the love hour has ended”


    Yep, I feel pretty darn loosey-limbed and lackadaisical after some lovin’ as well.

    But composing odes to ankles and knees? Well, that might be taking the post-orgasmic dippy dopamine high just a *little* too far. 😛

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