Contra Quotes

As you probably have gleaned
from the Muscleheaded Blog
already, I’m a big fan of quotes.

I like to think I have a quote
on hand for just about
any occasion —

— although sometimes,
I must admit to having
some trepidations about
throwing them around

After all, quotes are
very much like
holy-book tenets —

— you can pretty much
find some verse to justify
almost any kind of position
you want to take on a
particular subject —

and sometimes completely
contradicting itself in
the same paragraph.

Not to take the Bible
out of hand, but I’ll
show you what I mean-

Galatians 6:5 says:
“For every man shall
bear his own burden.”
The same chapter, in 6:2, says:
“Bear ye one
another’s burdens. “

You can see how
these two ideas differ-

— as would the types of situations
in which each one would be used
to support an argument or idea.

So much for continuity.

No need to explain to
me about context, either-

I’ve heard both of these verses
used in the popular media,
quasi-religious figures,
and by political pundits
with no more reference
to context than to the
man in the moon.

But since I like to
avoid subjects like religion
whenever possible,
I’ll give you a more
generic example –

Advice on writing.

Hemingway said that:
“The first draft of anything is shit.”

Clifford Geertz said:
“I don’t write drafts.
I write from the beginning
to the end, and when
it’s finished, it’s done.”

And if I could add my
own spin on it, well…

it’d be that:
“Sometimes the first draft
is all you need, and
sometimes, 60 ain’t enough. “

So, there you have three quotes,
(one that means very little, I’ll grant you),
that all say contradictory things
about the subject at hand.

And you can pretty much
do that with any subject you’d like.

Take the value of a happy childhood-
Tom Robbins says:
“It’s never too late to
have a happy childhood.”

Robert Heinlein said:
“Don’t handicap your children
by making their lives easy.”

I guess my Dad definitely
was a fan of that philosophy
over the first.

How I got started on this
subject was when I was
listening to Paloma Faith’s
Only Love Can Hurt Like This

while contemplating the
words of Sophocles:
” One word frees us of
all the 
weight and
pain of life:
That word is love.” 

And as complicated,
convoluted, and
as it might seem,
I think F. Scott Fitzgerald
might have had
something there
when he wrote about
the wonderful :
“… ability to hold two opposing
ideas in mind at the same time
and still retain the ability
to function.”

Man, you need that
in this life, for sure.

!!!! HOY !!!!!.


7 thoughts on “Contra Quotes

  1. Right on write, C!
    And great postcards and posters!
    AND the F.S. Fitz quote is brilliant!
    HUGS!!! Happy Fry-Day!!! 🙂

  2. julespaige says:

    Reminds me of the quote that if you put enough monkeys and typewriters in the same room for enough time you’ll get a Shakespeare Play…or somethin’ like that. 🙂

  3. A very serious and humorous post. 😀

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