Quite A Racquet

racketAnyone for Tennis ?

Ah – well….

I’ll tell you right up front.

Despite the fact that
this post is vaguely
themed on the subject,

I don’t know anything
at all about Tennis.returns

I’m not saying that
it’s a poncey-ass sport,
(though it certainly
looks that way)
simply because I don’t own
a four hundred tennis racket
a four thousand dollar
a year membership
and the compulsory
white shirt and shorts
that seem necessary.

I have to say,
those country club girls
look awful cute
in them there
short tennis dresses,
for sure.

(Not that they’ll let
me in to/or even near
the country club,
but I see them as
I’m driving past, ya know)

And I’ve always
had a yenfoot
for a good $25
club sandwich–

As long as it’s me
that ain’t paying for it.

I mean,
no 3 bacon strip stuff
for those folks
— no fancified B.L.T. here.

pancetta all the way.

That Boars Head
maple ham, too, I’ll bet.endup

— and Louis Roederer
vintage Champagne
cocktails for breakfast.

There’s no way of knowing —
the kinda extremes
they might go to at
one of them places.

a4Lifestyles of the rich
and famous, indeed.

It’d only take
one time for a guy
having a temper tantrum
over missing a shot
to start screaming
at me like some
demented John McEnroe —

(I guess that’s kinda
redundant, isn’t it?)

— and it’s curtains–
for him,
and my expensive
membership card.doubles

I bet I wouldn’t even
get my four thousand
bucks back.

But I’ve gotta say–
any sport with
terminology like tennis uses,
has gotta be a sexy sport.

Seriously —inter
where else would
find scores like:
” 40 LOVE “ ????

As soon as
somebody mentioned
well, I was at least
in the mood
to hear more
on the subject.

And I don’t really think
I’d have much problem
with the idea that a
cute tennis instructor girl
might want to show
me a “backhand” …..

I’m already kinda
used to THAT)

I figure it’d just be a
“passing shot“, after all.

I guess I might get
a bit confused
if she then inquired

about my seed,
but why not?

The terms “lob”,
and “all comers”
always have had a
dirty ring to it,
dontcha think?

And if you ask me
“Whose Serve” ?

Oh, well,
you can havea11
your preference
on that one…

That’s my
philosophy, anyway.


it’s NOT
glorified Ping Pong.

Well, ok,
maybe a bit.

!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!





4 thoughts on “Quite A Racquet

  1. Love this post! and the great postcards and artwork! 🙂

    I played tennis in high school and college, and then afterwards, just for fun. There were always college tennis courts to play on for free.

    Ha, yes, any sport that has “Love Love” in it, I’m there! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. WittyAyJ says:

    must say this was quite a post 😂…..hilarious and those pics made it more attractive

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