Bawdy Bustles


Blue Humor?
Naaaah —

It must be my
dirty mind, right ?

Ya see,
I was perusing my
antique postcards
from the early 1900’s
last weekend….

And I couldn’t help
feeling that
a lot of these old cards
conceal ribald
in their punchlines .

And barely conceal,
at that.

Maybe that’s why
I like em so much,
but still.

I am sure of one thing —

They were intended
to put :

A rustle in your bustle.

A clinch in your cinch.

A bee in your brassiere.

A nip in your slip.

Some leer in your lingerie.

A crinkle in your crinoline.

A gasp in your garter…

A coursing in your corset?

that’s more
than one thing.

Alrighty then..

I must say,
even though I myself,
being a creature
of the internet age,
are accustomed to
much steamier fare,
these cards still stir
the pot for me, too.

I’m not gonna venture
a guess on why that is…..

You want to see more, you
you say?

Well why not ,
by jingo.

This next card,
of a couple cuddling on a couch,
took me a while to figure out —

because as you can see,1911
the caption had mostly faded
into the background.

—— >

But as near as I can figure,
it reads:

” Well my boy
I’m mighty happy,
That its come
From you at last,b1
Needn’t worry
About the wedding,
For it
Cannot come too fast. “

And he does seem
to be making
pretty good time,
now that you mention it.

I love these things, man.

You can kinda write
your own meaning into ’em.

Ok, sure,
if you’re all clean-cut and all,
and you want to thinka1
“oh, they didn’t mean
anything by that”,
you can.

you’re no fun, anymore.)

But, if you’re like me,
you’ll enjoy writing
dirty stories
in your head
to go right along with em.

I’m all for that.

You could even post
those dirty stories
in comments

….. if such a notion
should justabehave
suddenly occur
to you, ya know.

I’m even more
all for THAT.

if the truth be told,
life is just too
damned short
not to have all
the sexy fun you can.

— keep up the
good work, man.

HOY !!!!!



4 thoughts on “Bawdy Bustles

  1. Ha! Love this post!
    And I have that same problem with my eyes…and all of my body parts! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Paloma says:

    Oh, I love the lady and the moon! It seems to tickle me in all the right places! (Seems to tickle her too.) 😉

    Love the Janis!

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