Rink And Roll

rinkIt was absolutely
beautiful around here
this week.

Too damn beautiful to cook.

Too damn beautiful
to do any work.

….. it’s too damn beautiful
to take a shower.

Oh sure,
I know,
— excuses,

( I know what you’re thinking —
but it’s never too beautiful
to ride my motorcycle, so-)

Since my brain is
so obviously off-line,

…… we’re digging deep
into the mailbag,Image result for vintage roller skating humor
to pull out what’s going
to have to serve as today’s post.

Let’s see what we got in here.


There’s certainly some
interesting goodies.

Alrighty, well —

I’ve always found roller skating
an enjoyable, relaxing sport

— good exercise with plenty
of interesting potentials
for adventure–skating1

And so did folks
in the early 1900’s, apparently.


Maybe the old style
hokey organ music
isn’t all that listenable ….

But one cannot help
but make new friendsskate
and acquaintances
while skating,

and the unpredictable
for illicit/semi-innocent
bodily contact abound.

When all else failed,
you always had
something to watch,

Those old rinks with
the wooden boards,
in particular, had spots
in them that would trip up
even the most experienced
of skaters —

In 1970’s Ocala, Florida
there was a great old vintage rink
that I would frequently visit
for just that reason —

doing the old S.W.W.–
and Waiting.

One only had to pick your spothattrick
and wait for the fun.

But when/if someone did
hit the floor,
— literally,

the wood floor was much
more forgiving than the
concrete floors of today.

So, it wasn’t actually much
like sadism at all, really,
as much as it sounds like it.

Yes, we did have the advantage
of shorter skirts on the girls,

And I certainly did/do
appreciate that —

But there was also just
something very special
about a wooden
skating floor,

…. no doubt about it.

I don’t ever
calling it ‘rinking’ ,

just how does a
work, exactly?

That seems to have also
been a trend back then.

With This Rink I Do Wed ?

I guess Alice Cooper knew
something about it, after all.


HOY !!!




6 thoughts on “Rink And Roll

  1. These skating postcards and the artwork are so cool! And funny! 😀
    YAY, Alice! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 😀

  2. julespaige says:

    We actually have a Roller Derby group in our town…
    Can’t say as I’ve seen them though. 🙂

  3. kerbey says:

    You’re right about the concrete. I hit a curve in 2011 going too fast and my wrist and kneecap never recovered from hitting the hole in that concrete rink floor. Doc said it was worse than whiplash. But I sure have good teen memories of skating! Only one rink is left in Austin but I always wonder if it will have a resurgence.

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